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Quick Update…

Hello Wild Flowers!

I have not forgotten about my lovely little blog but I have been dealing with a very serious issue for my family. My middle child, a middle school student has been threatened by a boy who has bullied him for quite some time. So things have been a little crazy here since last Thursday, but I will be sharing my feelings, frustration and more here very, very soon!

Until then if you have any information on bullying programs or any information for the Lodi Unified School District California that might be helpful for my family Please feel free to leave a comment or email me at

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My Muse

My Muse

By: J. A. Eastin


Twirling midnight zephyr

Barefoot under full moon

My muse she resides within


Sweet voice of inspiration

Whispers to my soul…envisioning

Her laughter my song


A fool’s paradise

Night’s tide illusion

Words flow like a fountain


Her concepts brilliance

Spoken starburst on white paper

Magic wisdom in dreams awake


Honor her, sweet apple at crossroads

Recite the benefits of her spark

At month’s spire, delight in her


Woman and child

Both are she

She is timeless


Woven into destiny

Silver-tongue lullabies

Touch those who hear her song


Her gift she shares

Lyric poetry, constellation posy

A celestial symphony


My freedom her words

Immortality with stanza and verse

A marriage of heart and word…

My muse


If anyone knows the artist I'd love to give proper credit.  I cannot make out the artist signature, it was on Google Images... Titled Green Fae

If anyone knows the artist I’d love to give proper credit. I cannot make out the artist signature, it was on Google Images… Titled Green Fae






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How Far The Fall

Hello Wild Flowers!  Here it is already Wednesday, wowzers!  This week has flown by!   I am busy crafting a few things today so I thought I’d share some middle of the week poetry… Enjoy ♥


How Far the Fall

By: Julie A. Eastin


Eye’s closed a step to be taken

My foot feels the grounds edge.

Pebbles fall…

Ripples in the water

Their last wish

How high I am

How far the fall

Heart beat races

Thunder from heavenly places

Lightening crashes

The earth shakes beneath my feet

How high I am

How far the fall

A breeze caresses my face

Daring me to leap

It whispers

How will I know if I never try?

How high I am

How far the fall

I draw a deep breath

A canyon’s sigh

I pour myself out

Cool rain drops from clouds

How high I am

How far the fall

A feather on the wind

Drift away like summer afternoons

An Eagle soars brave

The sparrow trusts the unseen

How high I am

How far the fall…

Into Life’s sweetest dreams


The fantasy girl incarnation of butterflies rose petals falling Wallpaper

The fantasy girl incarnation of butterflies rose petals falling Wallpaper


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Curves Update

In my frustration this morning I yelped, yellow paged reviewed and blogged about my Curves experience, but I didn’t stop there I also sent an email to Curves International. To be honest I thought I would never hear back from them so imagine my surprise when I received an email response on the same day I complained!


So according to a Curves Member Comments Specialist (Thank You Shirley!)

“Curves International recommends all franchisees contact their non participating members periodically by phone, email, or mail. This recommendation is in an attempt to encourage members to revisit the club to assist in meeting their health and fitness goals. Further, the contact request is to make sure the member is not ill or medically prevented from attending.”

Personally I thought it was pretty wonkie of this particular Curves to not do any type of phone/email follow ups. Like I said the owner sure has no problem taking your money but she certainly has poor business practice with little to no concern for her customers/clients.

So kudos to Curve International for responding so quickly and for the promise to look into this Curve establishment! I certainly hope that they follow through with it. The owner finally did agree to reimburse me, she said she would mail me a check… We shall see if this actually happens. If not I am sure I will be blogging about this again…

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Ladies Beware Curves Shady Practices!

Okay here’s the skinny (pun intended) on the Curves for Women located in Lodi CA…

I joined this gym (?) March of 2012 I did notice the facility was a little out dated and the staff seemed to be hands off.  But one of the reason I joined Curves was, I thought, the staff (trainers?) were suppose to work with you, encourage and be an active part of your membership., plus it was a place for women only so I joined, all good right?


After going for only a month or two I hated it… It was old and so outdated the staff although pleasant really had no clue as to how to be a motivation or involved with the clients who were there.  Now I could have gone to my doctor and asked for a note, I have fibromyalgia , and canceled my contract, but because I signed a 1 year contract I believed I should honor it and lesson learned check out a place more thoroughly before signing a contract.  Good Karma right?

I was surprised that once I stopped coming  NO one called, emailed or mailed me to ask why I was no longer attending?  Was I sick, did I die, was there a problem with them?  Nope not a peep from them, but they took  my money every month with no problem.  Well last month my 1 year contract was up… 1 year contract right…?


Curves for Women in Lodi CA (independently owned) has a special 1, let me spell it just in case, ONE, UNO, 1 YEAR contract.  It goes beyond the one year, yes they are very special with very special bad business practices.   According to the lady I spoke with on the phone, 30 days before your 1 (One) year contract is up you must give written notice to end your 1 (one) year contract, if you fail to do so they will continue to charge you every month.  Shame on me for not catching this when I joined, but I swear I don’t remember them making sure this clause was crystal clear, and even if I did miss it they would surely send me a reminder that my 1 year membership contract was nearing its end… right?


They don’t send you a reminder, they don’t give you a phone call.  What  they do is… take your money.  They lady on the phone was rude, uncaring and downright unpleasant to deal with.   I explained that I had honored my contract for year even though I had not gone for most of it, I signed a contract I honored it, but she was smug… So I was frustrated, still am so I am venting here..

I hope that other women will be aware of this practice by Curves, I have done a bit of research and this seems to be a HUGE common complaint, with many complaints to consumer affairs and the better business bureau.  If you want to check Curves out before committing you can do a temporary membership, I strongly recommend this.  Each facility is independently owned, so make sure you check out their staff  and business practices.  Make sure they are hands on, do they call if you have missed a few days/weeks, do they send out a reminder near the end of your membership contract, good business practices that let YOU, the consumer, feel valued.  Remember we are paying for a service and if we are not getting what we are paying for then… why are we paying?

Sorry to rant here, but I believe that good people who spend their money should know of bad business practices.  We the consumers must be willing to share good and bad experiences with others.  I do hope that the Curves of Lodi will start better business practices, but until then consumer beware!

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Mother Earth

In honor of Earth Day…


Mother Earth

By: J. A. Eastin


Desert sunrise

Colors kiss the heavens

Rays of our mothers love

Breeze ruffled hair

Warm and gentle

Our mother’s caress

Dew covered grass

Tiny jewels sparkle

Precious gems

Lips that whisper

Our mother’s lullabies

Heard on the wind

Deep sighs

Our mother’s emotions

The vast ocean tide

Primeval forests her promise

Ancient is her wisdom

Shelter us mother

Ageless she stands

Majestic mountain tops

Our mother sees all

Love pours out

Life giving rain

Mother nourishes all of her creations

The seasons of life

Climates changing

Endless Beauty

Mother Earth







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To Borrow from Brave…

Happy Monday Wild Flowers!

Now don’t be so down, Monday is not a bad thing if we think of it as a fresh start to a week full of unknown adventures!  How was your weekend?  Mine was too fast!  But it was full of crafty things, frustration with Have You Seen Harry files (ugh!), Girl Scouts and just hanging out with me clan.

Today I thought I would start a new category for our wood projects, so I borrowed from my favorite Disney movie Brave and named it The Crafty Carver!  How I love the whimsical little crone and her cottage in the woods!


So let’s take a look at some of the crafty projects we worked on over the weekend.  As I mentioned before we are in the process of creating new artwork for our office, the theme medieval dragons.  So last week I spent some time pouring through photos of medieval woodcut designs, there are some great woodcuts and so many to choose from.  Somehow I managed to narrow it down to a few choices that the clan and me really liked.  So I set off to create the first piece for the office.

First creation for the office!

First creation for the office!

So there it is in 3 different stages of the process… Now I am trying to decide if I should add vibrant colors (normal for medieval period) or my beautiful sister-in-law suggested an antiquing/oil type of staining… What says you?  I’d love to hear some suggestions!  I really was hoping to work on my tarot table too but there were simply not enough hours in the weekend!

Now what was my handsome husband up too all this time?  Wood Work!  Lots and lots of it.  He managed to create 9 new wooden plaques for me to do artwork/pyrography  on, he made me a WONDERFUL crafting table on casters so I can roll to any location at home to work and he made himself a “feed” table/ work table for his table saw and shop (looks like my craft table just bigger).

My new craft table!

My new craft table!

So this is my craft table before a shelf for storage was added.  Today I will be painting the top black and adding a poly coat to the beautiful wood legs.  It is such an awesome piece he made just for me and I love it!  Once they are finished I will post pictures.

Okay, Wild Flowers my day calls to me so many projects to work on and as always never enough hours in the day!

That’s it! Ta-ta! Oh, and thank you for stopping by October Monday, we hope you’ll come back soon!