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Thursday Morning Poetry


So here we are day two of October Monday!  I want to say thanks for all those who stopped by and gave me a like or a kind word, you all made day one a happy one for me.  I still have much to do here and I am still brainstorming layout, content, you know blog stuff 😉

It is a quiet rainy Thursday morning here and I felt the need to write a new poem…  I hope you enjoy it!



By Julie A. Eastin


She is alone

The world moving all around her

Cars, sirens, cell phones

Stranger pass by their eyes daggers

She stands tall

Her lips soft petals they part and tremble

From deep inside she releases


A single prayer her song for us

Voices angry swirl in the air

She remains calm

Her heart pours out love

Radiant like moonbeams upon the water

She reflects harmony

Deep inside her she receives


Her arms out stretched

She embraces the sunshine

A longing for all of creation to converge

The rush of life continues around her

Touch… foreign in their existence

Rain showers her creating ripples in a puddle of filth

Her gaze turns to heaven, a plea for


She lets go

Splendid is her beauty

She blooms in a world of concrete and chemicals

They think she is a weed

Their hearts hardened and dreams forgotten

She remembers the fields of wild flowers

Against the odds she rises from the crack in the pavement


Sidewalk Flower

Picture is from Flower in a Sidewalk Blog






5 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Poetry

  1. thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  2. It’s Beautifully wonderful as always!!!

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