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A Very Mad World…

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Life such a precious gift, one we all too often take for granted.  We allow work, cell phones, shopping and so many things take us from what truly will enrich our life, our spouse, our children, our parents and our friends.  We forget to take the time to be still in the chaos, to listen to the breeze, to watch the sunlight dance through the leaves of an ancient oak, to let the warm spring rains kiss our skin… Instead we rush through our day and when we lay our head on our pillow at night what sweet memory from the day do we drift off to sleep thinking about?

The media spoon feeds us hate, a world divided…

We sit lords and ladies of our armchairs, self-proclaimed hierarchy over those who don’t fit into our ideal world.  Compassion is no longer fashionable, it is weakness. Freedom, Ha! Only if you live the way I do.  Lines are being drawn and sandcastle kingdoms are preparing for their toy soldier war.  But in this war real lives pay the price…

Do we see only labels?













The list goes on… it seems never ending. 

We refuse to see the people beneath the label.  Why? 

We forfeit our own happiness, we forget about those in our own house but we know what’s best for everyone else.  Our health is neglected, we consume the convenient prepackaged poison, but there are pills to pop, if only we survive the side effects.  We have no accountability for ourselves but we know what is right for others…

To borrow from Tears for Fears, “It´s a very very Mad world…”

Sorry for the rant this Friday morning. Sometimes I wonder if all this technology we have today is good.  I know the technology is not bad but are we ready to live in a world that is inclusive and not in separation? I fear we (humankind) have not learned from our past.  The wisdom that is ripe in the garden of life is left to rot on the vine…

What kind of world are we preparing to give our children?  As I am typing this I am not even sure I should post it, will it matter, and who am I to say these things?  I am no expert; I am simply a woman, a wife and a mother.  I suppose for change to happen we must all take a step in the right direction, perhaps this is my first step and if I can take one step forward maybe others will to…


LOve not Hate by Amanda Cass

This wonderful art work is by Amanda Cass to see more of her work please click the picture.


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