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Moon Dance

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Moon Dance

By: Julie A. Eastin


Moonbeams dance across the midnight lawn

From slumber she  wakes

Rays of pale yellow, soft golden kisses through her window came

The summer breeze carried exotic fragrance

Night flowers blooming

A voice whispers

It is Luna

Come dance…

Outside her skin embraced by nighttide’s dew

Jewels like the heavens firmament

Shimmering moon magic sweet luminescence

Her toes grip the mother’s moist earth

Lush green carpet beneath her feet

The yard her stage the stars her audience

A Mockingbird sings

Luna shines

Love radiant covers her

She begins to dance

Fairy and fawn draw nearer to watch

Her twirls celestial burst sparks in the azure

She dances for the moon

Freedom found

Release from the mundane

Rigid expectations melt away

She is transformed

A maiden young and full of life

Dreams grow wings and take flight

As she dances in the moonlight

She is not alone

The night abounding

Grandmother, Mother, Daughter,

She is one

She is all

Generations lost

Treasures buried by time

Lesson of the moon long forgotten

Tonight she dances

She remembers…








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