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Monday Rambling and the Moon and Sun…

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Here we are Monday evening already… Where did the day go?  I certainly had planned to achieve more than I did but what’s a girl to do?  Life get’s busy and like a little tree I try to bend with the wind…  I promise I will get up more of my info up on October Monday soon.

I hope everyone out there in the beautiful world had a glorious day and have found themselves home safe and  happy .  My big plans tonight are to ramble here for just a moment more than I will share one of my earlier poems, (sorry no new ones today) and then, I think, I will spend  my evening wood burning, watching Bones and then The Following.  My exciting Monday night line-up!  As for my wood burning projects I am making  a lovely little finger labyrinth and I have a  Deviant Moon Tarot inspired tarot card table to work on (I love this tarot deck!).  I will snap pictures to share when I am done.

It’s about time to feed my little clan and to start unwinding from the day but as promised a poem for this beautiful Monday evening.  Side note: I came across the beautiful artwork “The Sun and The Moon”  By Dorina Costras  shared on the Facebook page The Goddess. Mother Earth. Mother Nature. and I knew I wanted to share my poem Moon and Sun.  Okay I am done rambling so now on with the poem…


Moon and Sun

By: Julie A. Eastin


Moonstruck she flies on the wings of dreams

A celestial carousal, breath held

Eye’s shut tight

Her stomach a butterflies fancy

Eyes stargazed

She waits for a glimpse


Heavenly fireworks

Evolution night to dawn

Sunrise tendrils of light

Gentle kisses he is the day

She is the night

Moon’s tide heart’s delight

Luminescence passions flame

A chasm between them

Celestial retrograde

She fades from sight

His light chasing darkness abyss

Their love forbidden

Wheel of the year

Each season’s tribute

Sweet rapture never tasted

Longed for by both

Solar eclipse

Lunar pull

Day dream

Moon beams

Ecstasy collides

Lovers for eternity

His light illuminates her beauty

Intoxicating she drives the oceans tide

She is his satellite

Dancing round for him

His heavenly pearl

Her burning star

The cosmos sigh

When day entwined with night

Two worlds now one

Euphoric twilight’s bliss

Transcendent love of moon and sun

The Sun and the Moon

The Sun and the Moon By Dorina Costras to see more of her work please click the link posted in the blog!


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