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Apples of Avalon

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Wow I am so glad the weekend is here… Today had a few bumps in the road but I am hopeful the rest of the weekend will be smooth sailing . I did get to relax and make a silver branch for my bedroom. I am in the beginning phase of redecorating my bedroom and office so I have lots to make. I will share all my projects as I get them done.

I also created an October Monday Facebook page, I hope you come by and give me a like!  And if you have a page that needs some liking from me let me know =)

So here’s a peek at my newest craft project…

Apples of Avalon


This is my version of Apples of Avalon.  If you’re not sure of the some of the legends here’s a bit of information;

“In many legends of visits to the Otherworld, an outsider requires a special token to ensure safe passage to and from the land of fairies. This token is most often a branch of the Otherworld apple tree, a silver bough bearing blossoms and fruit that make music when shaken, often luring humans into enchanted sleep.” ( Apples of Avalonby Jennifer Emick)

I wish my camera could capture it better because it really did turn out beautiful.  If you’d like to see photos of the creation process visit my Facebook page.

Well time to make dinner for the clan, wishing you a lovely Friday night!


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