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In My Garden

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A thousand butterflies kiss the sky with their wings as an offering to the magic you are in this moment ~ Julia Butterfly Hill ~


In My Garden…

By: Julie A. Eastin


Rose petals shimmer with dew

Song birds sing a morning prayer

Fragrance and music a perfect union

Strawberry red luscious and sweet

Daisy gentle and shy reaches for the sun

A burst of lavender purple ecstasy

Lemon blossom euphonic you intoxicate me

Marigold merry and playful smiles delight

Billowing clouds peek a boo days first light

Dill a dally linger near the garden gate

Green earth’s lush carpets under my feet

Orange blooms bees briskly work

Grape vines entwined lover’s bliss

Silver tongued sage grow with wisdom

Dainty alyssum summer’s snow

Rosemary protector of health and home

A butterfly flutters, wings kiss the sky

Magical moment…

In my garden




One thought on “In My Garden

  1. Makes me really want to see your garden

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