An October Monday

Wood Crafts, Primitives & other Fanciful Stuff ♥

Busy, Busy, Busy… Whew!

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It has been a crazy week and the rowers keep on rowing… not showing any sign that they are slowing… Oh wait that’s Mr. Wonka and the Oompa Loompas! But you get the picture 😉

So I have been busy getting ready to create some new witch primitives, a vintage inspired Deviant Moon (my favorite deck) tarot card table, medieval woodcut inspired wall art and so many other fanciful stuff! I will post some pictures soon. Also, hop over and give us a like at October Monday’s Facebook page! In the near future I will be setting up shop on Etsy, but I’ll share more about that on another day. I think I hear October Monday’s Pinterest calling to you too! 😉 Just don’t mind the lack of content while I set up my new boards over on Pinterest… And if you have a board or a Facebook page for me to follow and show some liking to leave me a message and a link and let’s make magic!

Okay so other than crafty stuff I haven’ t had much time to sit down and write… Ugh!  But I have some wonderful new ideas bouncing around in my head, now if only I could get better at time management.  Sigh…

Oh and I almost forgot my middle child( the cutest freckled faced hippie boy I know) has started his own YouTube channel where he posts his adventures in real life and World of Warcraft, so go over and show him some support!  He rocks and I am not saying that because I’m his mom either ;p

Okay you beautiful wild flowers out there off to help my little Boo get her entomologist outfit ready for career day at school tomorrow… And then if I’m lucky a little Hell’s Kitchen, some light Reading (Avalon Within: A Sacred Journey of Myth, Mystery, and Inner Wisdom) then it will be time to catch some zzz’s…

So good night wild flowers may you dance across the starry skies… ♥


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