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Is it Friday… Yet?!

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So yes here we are with another day filled with stuff I didn’t really want to do… Where does time go?!  So I have been busy with mundane ways of the normal world, but I don’t want to live in a “normal” world… It has been a sad week actually with all the senseless violence that has gone in this very mad world.  My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by the tragedy in Boston and in the Texas fertilizer plant…  And of course we can’t forget the families of Sandy Hook Elementary, a mom of three their pain is still fresh in my thoughts.

I have hit a point where I don’t want to turn on the news, anyone else hit that point too?

Well I don’t want this to be a blog that sparks heated talks on the right wing and the far left… Yada yada.  I see it like this: we are ALL people, we ALL have people we love, we ALL live on the same tiny crazy planet so we All need to learn to play nice.  And let’s leave that at that!

Okay back to the mundane task of daily life… My week has been full of housework, Girl Scout events (we have a garage sale to raise money for Lodi House this Saturday) my kids all have half days, testing and are driving me CrAzY, but I love em’!

What I wish my week was full of… Writing long beautiful poems, working on my novel Magic Happens, getting Have You Seen Harry out to the public, releasing Claudia’s Grave Tales as a digital download, crafting, crafting and umm yeah more crafting =D 

Oh well there is always next week… right?!

I did manage to finish up my wood letters that spell MAGIC to hang in my kitchen, it looks lovely!

Magic word art

Magic word art

So the rest of my evening will be spent making pretzel bun sliders, fries and coleslaw.  After the clan has been fed and it is time to see who was voted off American Idol (yes we Idol nerds) I think I will work on the wood burning for my tarot table.  How about you?  Anything crafty to do?  Well whatever your plans I hope it spent all warm and cozy with the ones you love.

Well that’s it for now Wild Flowers, have a magical evening ♥


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