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Psst… Hey! Have You Seen Harry?


Okay so for all of you who know me you know this project has been in the works for several years.  I wrote this tender children’s story when my family had to move from Michigan to Kansas and it was a tearful and sad event in my daughter Genevieve’s life.  She was only 7 years old and saying good-bye to family and friends was hard.

So here was this little book written in 2009 but I had no illustrator.  There were a few times I thought this little book was going to be illustrated by some wonderfully talented artist but nothing panned out.  So my little book I wrote for my beautiful daughter sat in the dark closed file titled Children’s Stories…

But then something magical happened!  I learned that my cousin, a brilliant artist and much more might be interested in doing the illustrations and guess what?  She did!

So I am happy to announce that after the much awaited release of my first children’s book it is finally close at hand.  Yup, that’s right and it looks like if all goes well over the weekend it may be ready for release early next week!

So I want to say a huge “Thank You!♥” to Brittany Henson (Constantio) for all the beautiful artwork that helps bring Have You Seen Harry? alive!

Please make sure to visit Brittany at one of her Etsy shops Brittany Henson graphic design or You, Me and the Dog, or her website Brittany Henson Design, she truly is a wonderful person and a great talent!

So keep you eye’s open for the release of Have You Seen Harry? April 2013!

Written By Julie Eastin Illustrated By: Brittany Henson (Constantino)

Written By Julie Eastin Illustrated By: Brittany Henson (Constantino)


2 thoughts on “Psst… Hey! Have You Seen Harry?

  1. I’m waiting waiting waiting oh so patently! 😉

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