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Curves Update

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In my frustration this morning I yelped, yellow paged reviewed and blogged about my Curves experience, but I didn’t stop there I also sent an email to Curves International. To be honest I thought I would never hear back from them so imagine my surprise when I received an email response on the same day I complained!


So according to a Curves Member Comments Specialist (Thank You Shirley!)

“Curves International recommends all franchisees contact their non participating members periodically by phone, email, or mail. This recommendation is in an attempt to encourage members to revisit the club to assist in meeting their health and fitness goals. Further, the contact request is to make sure the member is not ill or medically prevented from attending.”

Personally I thought it was pretty wonkie of this particular Curves to not do any type of phone/email follow ups. Like I said the owner sure has no problem taking your money but she certainly has poor business practice with little to no concern for her customers/clients.

So kudos to Curve International for responding so quickly and for the promise to look into this Curve establishment! I certainly hope that they follow through with it. The owner finally did agree to reimburse me, she said she would mail me a check… We shall see if this actually happens. If not I am sure I will be blogging about this again…


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