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Lots of Time and so Little to Do???

I sure do hate being sick!  So here I am smack dab in an incredibly busy week for me, wedding projects, books projects, a very special graduation project, end of the year Girl Scout stuff and so much more and I get sick!  Not just a little cough and sneeze sick, I’m talking head and chest congestion, fever, sore throat, plugged ears and stupid fever blisters on my mouth! I hate fever blisters I have suffered from them my whole life… Ugh!

Then to add a cherry on top of my not so glorious week yesterday, my first day of starting to feel a little more human again, my oldest son gets his brothers elbow to the face and BLAMO! His lip gets split in two.  Not just a little split but go to urgent care and get it stitched back together split.  Thankfully my awesome husband came home from work  to take him so I could remain home in my suffering, not to mention I had two wonderful girls over I was watching for my wonderful friend.

Well I survived all the madness and this morning I am feeling a lot better, still have sniffles and my ears are plugged but compared to two days ago I feel great.

I did receive my proofing copy of Have You Seen Harry?  It was an amazing feeling to be holding it in book form and not just looking at it saved as files on my computer.  It wasn’t 100% correct so it needs a wee bit of fixing and then it should be ready to go!  What a process this has been but it has all been worth it!

So my weekend will be filled with book editing stuff, wedding projects and hanging out with my family. I have another busy week coming up I will be baking 150 Alice in Wonderland theme cupcakes and a tospy turvy Alice in Wonderland cake for my baby sister’s wedding celebration!  Then we head out to Oregon for all the festivities! I can’t wait I need a vacation!

This is a screen we made to hide the beer kegs... The keg hose goes through the mouth!

This is a screen we made to hide the beer kegs… The keg hose goes through the mouth!

The wickets for the royal croquet game!

The wickets for the royal croquet game!

But what about the book, well it is looking like Have You Seen Harry? Will be ready to make its summer debut early in June!  I simply can’t wait!  We also have another surprise announcement to make… but Shh I can’t say what it is yet?  You’ll just have to come back and see what it could be 😉

One thing I am really looking forward to is focusing on one of my bigger book projects, Awakening and Magic Happens.  The hardest thing is trying to pick which book I want to work on first, my shadowy world of vampires or a soulful journey weaved within the elements of magic and love?  I have been running a little poll on my facebook page (my personal page) and so far magic is kicking vampire butt! But I’d love to hear from you out there too…  (Leans close to computer screen and wonders are you out there?)

Oh and of course I can’t forget to mention I am still busy working on some wonderful creations for our soon to Open Etsy shop!  I have a beautiful tarot card tray (kind of like a mini portable tarot card table), a handsome dragon table, and some other pretty cool stuff.

Okay well I’ve got to run, lots of time and so little to do… Wait, scratch that and reverse it!

Until next time, Enjoy your Happy!


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Beautiful Spiral

Beautiful Spiral

By: J. A Eastin


Mist swirls around me

My shroud from reality

Daydream shimmer

Break through the veil

My new world

In dreams awake

Soft in the distance

A mummer’s chant

Dance in circle

Deep in forest grove

Moonlight path

Ancients whisper

A warm breeze blows

Laughter and gaiety

Summers sweet song

Echoes of the past

Sing, “Remember…”

Ancestors stand watch

Generation to teach

Only few hear their wisdom

Other’s exist a fool’s paradise

In the distance bonfires blaze

Shadows dance merrily

My heart beats with drums

Worries dissolve

Sacred is this space

Round n’ round

The year spins

Life’s circle

A beautiful spiral

Spitzer's M101 photo from

Spitzer’s M101 photo from

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Happy Memorial Day, a bit about Harry and Like Us!

Happy Memorial Day!  To All the Soldiers who have fought for my freedoms Thank You!  Also, I hope today those of us old enough to know the importance of today will take the time and share this with our youth.  Share with them stories of America’s Soldiers, the battles fought, the courage of those who have fallen, teach them to have respect and honor for those who fought/fight so bravely for our great country.

Again, much love and many blessings to all those who so bravely serve our country!

This weekend has been a bit of a whirlwind, so many projects to get done but one stands out like a shining star for me!  Which project you ask?

Have You Seen Harry?  Why of course!

Have You Seen Harry?

Have You Seen Harry?

I am so excited to announce that the release date for my sweet little children’s book is getting closer each day!  This week I will receive my proofing copy of the book! Can you believe it?  My little book is finally going to pop off printed pages!  I get all teary when I think about it!

For a wee bit about the back story for this book pop over and read Psst… Hey! Have You Seen Harry?

This book was actually written for my daughter and that blog post explains a little more 😉

Also, October Monday started a facebook page a few weeks back, but with things as busy as they have been I haven’t been properly promoting.  Well actually, I am not so good at promoting, makes me feel like a door to door sales person… Ugh! I hate when strangers bombard me in my private space!  But I am learning that promoting my work is a necessary evil =/

But I can at least make it a little fun… right?

So over on October Monday’s facebook page for the next week you can go like the page and say you sent yourself and then share it with family and friends and have them leave me a comment saying (Your Name) sent me. Next Monday I will tally all the names and the person who was mentioned the most will win a signed copy of Have You Seen Harry? It can be for yourself or for a little person in your life!

So if you haven’t liked us on facebook head on over and give us a like!  Don’t forget to say who sent you; say you sent yourself if you are new to our facebook page by leaving us a comment! If you send and family or friends make sure they leave us a comment saying who sent them!

Well, my little clan is getting restless and is waiting for mom (that’s me) to walk up to the park for a bit of a nature hike this morning.  Pretty awesome to we get to stop by the old cemetery along the way to pay respect to Soldiers laid to rest there.

Remember hop over to October Monday’s facebook page and give us a like and then get out there and enjoy your Memorial Day!

Until next, stay in your happy!

J. ♥


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Summer, Full Moons & Memorial Day Weekend…

It is now officially summer vacation!!! The sun seems a bit brighter and tonight’s full moon says this summer is going to Rock!  I apologize for not having as much time as I would have liked over the past few weeks to work on October Monday and other crafty things but the forecast looks clear and I see smooth sailing in the future!

I am feeling a bit run down today, I was up early and off to help out at my daughter’s Girl Scout troops fundraiser/garage sale.  I don’t think I was much help, I have fibromyalgia and today I am not feeling 100%, but I was there to support my daughter and all the girls in her troop.  They are an awesome group of very talented young ladies!

So what are my plans for the rest of Saturday?   Not too much, working on some wood projects, grilling some tri-tip and possibly a moonlight walk tonight.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?!  Tomorrow looks like a full day of craft projects, uploading Have You Seen Harry and maybe a new poem inspired by my moonlight walk… who knows!

Oh update on my little dragon kittens.  They are just over 4 weeks now, eyes are open and they are exploring my office.  Mama keeps a close eye on them and won’t let them stray too far from their little home in my office closet.  She is such a little lioness, my poor pups have learned the hard way to stay out to the lionesses den!

Well I have lots of projects calling me to get them done but I wanted to pop on here and wish you all a happy full moon and wonderful Saturday!

Also, I want to say thank you to all the Veterans and Soldiers who have fought for our country.  You have all given so much and some have given the ultimate price, their life… It is not in vain or forgotten here at the Eastin home, Robert served in the Navy, Grandfather(s) fought in World War II, and a whole lot of Uncles bravely gave this Nation their all.  My family is grateful to you all and wishes many blessing to you and your families…  This is your Memorial Day weekend may you be honored and those no longer with us not forgotten!

Until next time, never let your happy slip away, hold tightly to it!

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Need to take a breath…

The past two weeks have been crazy busy and the next 3 days are filled with a lot of things too, from school plays to Girl Scouts fundraiser/garage sale so this morning I need a little escape. I am off with Bugg (my 14 year old) to take a nice long walk down on the nature trail near the lake. Time for some grounding and centering, time to recharge and refocus! ~Sigh~ I hope all of you take some time today to re~find yourself, life can get busy and we can forget about our-self! This afternoon is full of wood projects and painting, so pictures will come soon.

Until next time, Go out and Find your Happy! ♥

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What a Beautiful Life…

First, I want to take a moment to say my heart goes out to all those who are facing loss or uncertainty due to the tornadoes.  My prayers and love to out to you all, heroes in the face of tragedy, stand firm and know so many of us are circling you in love…

For us here at the Eastin’s homestead so many projects are bubbling over life’s cauldron.  I am currently in the process of prepping Have You Seen Harry for its big launch!  If all goes well it should only be a few more days before it will be available to purchase!  This has been such a labor of love, written for my daughter in 2009 when we had to move away from everything she knew.  It’s hard to believe she was only 7 years old then and now she is 11… We are super excited to share out Harry and let him help other children facing change.

Written By Julie Eastin Illustrated By: Brittany Henson (Constantino)

Written By Julie Eastin Illustrated By: Brittany Henson (Constantino)

Some other projects are of course wood crafting!  Working on some Alice in Wonderland projects for my little sister celebration, the gypsy tarot tray (I plan on finishing it up during the full moon) and so many other projects… Can you say Etsy store hurry up and open!!!  LOL We hope to have it up and running very soon!

I was able to sneak in a little writing the other night and birthed the poem Moonrises… Check it out if you missed.  It was inspired by some very recent exciting personal journey things… And it goes out to some beautiful soul sister out there! 😉

My next few days are again full of end of school activities… come on Friday let’s get this summer started!  Good thing is I just finished all the enrollment paperwork for my boys.  They will be attending California Virtual Academy and I have to say I am glad, I have enough of the bully crud and school “politics”.   My wee pixie will finish out her last year as an elementary student back at her old school with all her buddies!

Next week my I get to choose from what I want to focus my writing on… Awakening, my wonderful vampire novel… I know it’s cliché but I love vampires, one could say I’m a sucker for them!  Thanks Anne Rice for all those beautiful dark creatures to love!


Magic Happens, an inspirational story about a woman’s life journey and a little magic that happens along the way.

What says you?  Vampires or Magic…

Well, the time has come; the time is now, to head out the door and collect my beautiful children…

What a Beautiful Life!

Until next time, let nothing steal your Happy! ♥