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Bullies, Butterflies, Kittens & Gypsy Tarot Table… Oh My!


Hello out there!

Wow it has been super crazy around here over the past week and a half! I mentioned that my middle child was threatened by the horrible boy we lived next to in fear of for just under 2 years. He was the main reason we recently moved. Well he never went to my son’s school until right after winter break, at that time we reported to the school all the problems we were having with this child. And we had to keep calling about things that had happened…
It amazes me how hard the law works to protect the person who is doing the criminal act! Anyhoo, it got bad almost two weeks ago and the school could not promise my son’s safety so he is now finishing out the school year at home in independent study. This means he will miss his 8th grade trip and his graduation ceremony while the boy who has a file bigger than life and has been kicked out of schools gets to enjoy the mere 6 months at my son’s school for his entire middles school years… Oh well, it’s done. My child is safe and my husband and I have decided to allow our sons to do virtual school next year.
On to happier things, my little cat that was abandoned across the street from our home had a beautiful, healthy liter of 5 wee “dragon” kittens on April 29th! We have 2 white with spots, 2 black and 1 little black with white paws. They are all doing super good and are one week old! Yay!

My wee dragon kittens!

My wee dragon kittens!

Life is crazy, as our sweet little dragon kittens were coming into the world our painted lady butterflies made their emergence from their cocoons! It was the circle of life happening in my house that night for sure! We had birth and re-birth all in one beautiful night…
I have had some adjusting to do with Bugg (my kiddo) home with me but I think we are beginning to find our grove! I did take some time to work on my personal gypsy Deviant Moon, inspired tarot card table! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so happy with how it turned out. I can’t wait to create another gypsy inspired table. It won’t be the Deviant Moon art, because I do not have any rights to the art work I am simply a huge fan of the art work of Patrick Valenza the creator of Deviant Moon. So my personal table is my fan work tribute and to be solely used by me for my own personal Deviant Moon deck. You should make sure to go check out Deviant Moon and their Facebook page!

My Deviant Moon inspired gypsy tarot table.

My Deviant Moon inspired gypsy tarot table.

Top view... Art work was burned on then hand painted.

Top view… Art work was burned on then hand painted.

My first tarot spread on my table!

My first tarot spread on my table!

I have some new wood projects I am currently working on and I am hoping to launch my Etsy shop by mid-June, so wish me luck! If you are interested in a gypsy inspired table please feel free to contact me! I’d love to create something magical for you.
What about my writing? Sadly there are not enough hours in the day to complete all the things I’d like. Have You Seen Harry is in the process of being formatted for publishing and it looks as though it will be released by the end of this month! Yay! That has been a long time coming. My summer is filling up with plenty of writing projects and wood crafts. So it looks like I will be a busy lady this fast approaching summer!
Well Wild Flowers sorry to ramble on this much, but I have missed blogging and I wanted to catch you up on the adventure that is my life!
Until next time,
Hope your day is filled with butterflies and kittens, mine is 😉


5 thoughts on “Bullies, Butterflies, Kittens & Gypsy Tarot Table… Oh My!

  1. I love the Deviant Moon inspired table. I was hoping it was simply painted on a tablecloth. Are you open to creating something like that?

    • Leslie, I wish I could say, “Yes, I’d love to create a table cloth!” But I have never attempted painting onto cloth. Not to say it won’t be something I might try my hand at in the future but as for now I am not. We do however do wooden serving trays that could easily be placed on any table or even used alone on your lap. I do not have any pictures of the larger trays but I will post some pictures of smaller tray types that I have done and if you are interested we can go from there! Thank you for visiting us, I hope we can create something magical for you in the future! 🙂

  2. Hello! My name is Amber. I really am interested in possibly ordering a Deviant Moon inspired gypsy tarot table from you.. I just love what you did with it. I also misplaced my deviant moon tarot card layout while moving. So I think something like this would be perfect. I also love purple, silver, black, and green..and well, those are all of the colors I see.

    You can contact me via email if you and your husband are interested in making me something magical 😉

    Love your website and I can’t wait to check out your new etsy store eventually.
    Take care!

    • Hello Amber!

      We would of love to create something magical for you! I must inform you I cannot sell the Deviant Moon artwork, but I can do a beautiful full moon ( I can show you a few different moons to choose from). I can do the Deviant tarot layout but I would again not be able to use the exact art work as all rights are owned by Patrick Valenza the creator of the beautiful and mystical Deviant Moon tarot card deck. If you are interested please feel free to email me at Thanks for visiting us here at October Monday!

      Wishing you a mystical weekend,
      Julie =)

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