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Wood Crafts, Primitives & other Fanciful Stuff ♥

Friday, Mother’s Day and a whole lot of projects!

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Well Wild Flowers here are on a Friday! 

Yay we have made it through one more week and I am ready to start my weekend!  I don’t have huge plans.  I will spend my mother’s day weekend with my little clan and enjoy working on my recent projects, maybe a BBQ and cold margaritas are in my weekend plans too 😉

So currently I am working on my daughter’s end of the year gift for her teacher.  It’s going to be a sweet little wall plaque/chalkboard, she loves zombies so we did a whimsical play on zombie kids.  We can’t wait to give it to her. (A work in progress)

Still have lots of work to do!

Still have lots of work to do!

I will be creating wonderful Alice in Wonderland sings and croquet set for my sister’s 1 year wedding celebration. (pics to come later)

Another project is a custom trinket box with a Tinkerbell theme for a wonderful friend’s daughter’s high school graduation.  Wow, say that sentence three times fast! 😉 (Again, pics to come later)

And lastly, I have a beautiful small altar table (19”x 16” and 8” high) with a beautiful dragon theme.  This one is for the Etsy shop!  I am so excited! (Yup you guessed it, pics coming soon)

I have shared here on my blog and on my Facebook page some of the wood craft projects we have recently done.  Come give us a like if you haven’t, we promise to like you back! 

Just a few of our recent projects!

Just a few of our recent projects!


So if you are looking for fun and whimsical kitchen witch primitive art, tarot card table, trinket boxes, small altar/meditation/prayer tables and more please feel free to contact us at

Or if you’d like just keep checking back  and watch for our Etsy Shop grand opening coming soon!

Oh and one more thing… Just a quick update on, Have You Seen Harry? I should have it ready for publishing by the end of next week!  So let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed that all goes well!

Well time to scoot and getting crafting, I hope you all have a beautiful mother’s day weekend! ♥


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