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Oh my furry ears and whiskers…

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What a week!  It never ceases to amaze me how fast time can go… I had all the best intentions of spending a lot more time here on the blog this week but life was again a whirlwind. 

We have one week to go with school (remember I have 1, in elementary, 1 in middle school and 1 in high school)  and this past week was full of open houses, end of the year parties and wrapping up all the independent studies for my middle schooler.  One week to go and it is officially SUMMER!!!  And I see more time for me to put my focus back on a few projects like:

Have You Seen Harry ~ Available by June 1st (that’s the goal)

October Monday Etsy Shop ~ Launch by June 1st

Lots of wood projects ~ We need things for the shop!

And last but not least…

Writing, writing, writing!

I am hoping to have lots of time this summer to spend locking myself away to write, but then again life has a mind of its own sometimes!

Other than our crazy end of school activities we have managed to do some wood crafting.  My husband upon my request created a very nice size serving tray (Leslie, this was inspired by your tablecloth request!) for me to create a 5 card spread gypsy inspired tarot card tray!  I am so excited about this little beauty and pictures will come soon.  I am busy sketching out the designs for the tray… but I see beautiful butterflies and the hand of good fortune. 

I also have plans to make another gypsy tarot card table for the Etsy shop… Sorry Deviant Moon fans it will not have Deviant Moon artwork but I promise to create something magical! 

If you want to check out the tray after being built click on this YouTube link to see it:  Wooden Serving Tray

This weekend’s projects are all about my baby sister and her beautiful partner in life Heather, we are quickly approaching their one year wedding anniversary and there is an Alice in Wonderland party for the celebration!  So I will be sharing the whimsical creations we are working on for the festivities!

Oh my furry ears and whiskers, look how late it’s getting!

Time to hop along and get my weekend started, there’s lots to do!


Until next time,

Enjoy your happy!


P.S ~ My little furry dragon kittens are doing great!  All their little eyes are open and exploring has begun!  Pictures to come soon!



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