An October Monday

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By: Julie A. Eastin


Swirls of indigo

The first star glistens

Dusk the heartbeat of Gaia

Round and lustrous

Midnight’s pearl

Fairies giggle

Sparks in azure blue

The wind’s sigh

Willow’s song

Her eyes peer out

Wonder and magic

She hears the ancient call

A stirring

The soul leaps

A familiar dream

A far off shore

She holds out her hand


The Circle Round


Perfect love

Perfect trust

She steps forward

Under starry sky

Moonlight baptism

Her song old


She believes

A mystics dream

Magic alive in all things

Her arms outstretched

She draws down the moon


From times long ago

Shared in the night

She knows their truths

Stars collide

Dancing moonbeams rapture

Her time is now

Her love an eternity…

Full Moon Ritual by Patricia Telesco ©1999

Full Moon Ritual
by Patricia Telesco


3 thoughts on “Moonrises

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    Merry Full Moon ~ One of my poems I posted on my crafty blog ♥

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