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What a Beautiful Life…

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First, I want to take a moment to say my heart goes out to all those who are facing loss or uncertainty due to the tornadoes.  My prayers and love to out to you all, heroes in the face of tragedy, stand firm and know so many of us are circling you in love…

For us here at the Eastin’s homestead so many projects are bubbling over life’s cauldron.  I am currently in the process of prepping Have You Seen Harry for its big launch!  If all goes well it should only be a few more days before it will be available to purchase!  This has been such a labor of love, written for my daughter in 2009 when we had to move away from everything she knew.  It’s hard to believe she was only 7 years old then and now she is 11… We are super excited to share out Harry and let him help other children facing change.

Written By Julie Eastin Illustrated By: Brittany Henson (Constantino)

Written By Julie Eastin Illustrated By: Brittany Henson (Constantino)

Some other projects are of course wood crafting!  Working on some Alice in Wonderland projects for my little sister celebration, the gypsy tarot tray (I plan on finishing it up during the full moon) and so many other projects… Can you say Etsy store hurry up and open!!!  LOL We hope to have it up and running very soon!

I was able to sneak in a little writing the other night and birthed the poem Moonrises… Check it out if you missed.  It was inspired by some very recent exciting personal journey things… And it goes out to some beautiful soul sister out there! 😉

My next few days are again full of end of school activities… come on Friday let’s get this summer started!  Good thing is I just finished all the enrollment paperwork for my boys.  They will be attending California Virtual Academy and I have to say I am glad, I have enough of the bully crud and school “politics”.   My wee pixie will finish out her last year as an elementary student back at her old school with all her buddies!

Next week my I get to choose from what I want to focus my writing on… Awakening, my wonderful vampire novel… I know it’s cliché but I love vampires, one could say I’m a sucker for them!  Thanks Anne Rice for all those beautiful dark creatures to love!


Magic Happens, an inspirational story about a woman’s life journey and a little magic that happens along the way.

What says you?  Vampires or Magic…

Well, the time has come; the time is now, to head out the door and collect my beautiful children…

What a Beautiful Life!

Until next time, let nothing steal your Happy! ♥


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