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Summer, Full Moons & Memorial Day Weekend…

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It is now officially summer vacation!!! The sun seems a bit brighter and tonight’s full moon says this summer is going to Rock!  I apologize for not having as much time as I would have liked over the past few weeks to work on October Monday and other crafty things but the forecast looks clear and I see smooth sailing in the future!

I am feeling a bit run down today, I was up early and off to help out at my daughter’s Girl Scout troops fundraiser/garage sale.  I don’t think I was much help, I have fibromyalgia and today I am not feeling 100%, but I was there to support my daughter and all the girls in her troop.  They are an awesome group of very talented young ladies!

So what are my plans for the rest of Saturday?   Not too much, working on some wood projects, grilling some tri-tip and possibly a moonlight walk tonight.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?!  Tomorrow looks like a full day of craft projects, uploading Have You Seen Harry and maybe a new poem inspired by my moonlight walk… who knows!

Oh update on my little dragon kittens.  They are just over 4 weeks now, eyes are open and they are exploring my office.  Mama keeps a close eye on them and won’t let them stray too far from their little home in my office closet.  She is such a little lioness, my poor pups have learned the hard way to stay out to the lionesses den!

Well I have lots of projects calling me to get them done but I wanted to pop on here and wish you all a happy full moon and wonderful Saturday!

Also, I want to say thank you to all the Veterans and Soldiers who have fought for our country.  You have all given so much and some have given the ultimate price, their life… It is not in vain or forgotten here at the Eastin home, Robert served in the Navy, Grandfather(s) fought in World War II, and a whole lot of Uncles bravely gave this Nation their all.  My family is grateful to you all and wishes many blessing to you and your families…  This is your Memorial Day weekend may you be honored and those no longer with us not forgotten!

Until next time, never let your happy slip away, hold tightly to it!


One thought on “Summer, Full Moons & Memorial Day Weekend…

  1. I’m happy there’s another person that remember why we celebrate this holiday and not that it’s just a weekend to eat and drink. Great post and hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend 🙂

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