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Happy Memorial Day, a bit about Harry and Like Us!

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Happy Memorial Day!  To All the Soldiers who have fought for my freedoms Thank You!  Also, I hope today those of us old enough to know the importance of today will take the time and share this with our youth.  Share with them stories of America’s Soldiers, the battles fought, the courage of those who have fallen, teach them to have respect and honor for those who fought/fight so bravely for our great country.

Again, much love and many blessings to all those who so bravely serve our country!

This weekend has been a bit of a whirlwind, so many projects to get done but one stands out like a shining star for me!  Which project you ask?

Have You Seen Harry?  Why of course!

Have You Seen Harry?

Have You Seen Harry?

I am so excited to announce that the release date for my sweet little children’s book is getting closer each day!  This week I will receive my proofing copy of the book! Can you believe it?  My little book is finally going to pop off printed pages!  I get all teary when I think about it!

For a wee bit about the back story for this book pop over and read Psst… Hey! Have You Seen Harry?

This book was actually written for my daughter and that blog post explains a little more 😉

Also, October Monday started a facebook page a few weeks back, but with things as busy as they have been I haven’t been properly promoting.  Well actually, I am not so good at promoting, makes me feel like a door to door sales person… Ugh! I hate when strangers bombard me in my private space!  But I am learning that promoting my work is a necessary evil =/

But I can at least make it a little fun… right?

So over on October Monday’s facebook page for the next week you can go like the page and say you sent yourself and then share it with family and friends and have them leave me a comment saying (Your Name) sent me. Next Monday I will tally all the names and the person who was mentioned the most will win a signed copy of Have You Seen Harry? It can be for yourself or for a little person in your life!

So if you haven’t liked us on facebook head on over and give us a like!  Don’t forget to say who sent you; say you sent yourself if you are new to our facebook page by leaving us a comment! If you send and family or friends make sure they leave us a comment saying who sent them!

Well, my little clan is getting restless and is waiting for mom (that’s me) to walk up to the park for a bit of a nature hike this morning.  Pretty awesome to we get to stop by the old cemetery along the way to pay respect to Soldiers laid to rest there.

Remember hop over to October Monday’s facebook page and give us a like and then get out there and enjoy your Memorial Day!

Until next, stay in your happy!

J. ♥



One thought on “Happy Memorial Day, a bit about Harry and Like Us!

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