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Beautiful Spiral

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Beautiful Spiral

By: J. A Eastin


Mist swirls around me

My shroud from reality

Daydream shimmer

Break through the veil

My new world

In dreams awake

Soft in the distance

A mummer’s chant

Dance in circle

Deep in forest grove

Moonlight path

Ancients whisper

A warm breeze blows

Laughter and gaiety

Summers sweet song

Echoes of the past

Sing, “Remember…”

Ancestors stand watch

Generation to teach

Only few hear their wisdom

Other’s exist a fool’s paradise

In the distance bonfires blaze

Shadows dance merrily

My heart beats with drums

Worries dissolve

Sacred is this space

Round n’ round

The year spins

Life’s circle

A beautiful spiral

Spitzer's M101 photo from

Spitzer’s M101 photo from


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