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Lots of Time and so Little to Do???

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I sure do hate being sick!  So here I am smack dab in an incredibly busy week for me, wedding projects, books projects, a very special graduation project, end of the year Girl Scout stuff and so much more and I get sick!  Not just a little cough and sneeze sick, I’m talking head and chest congestion, fever, sore throat, plugged ears and stupid fever blisters on my mouth! I hate fever blisters I have suffered from them my whole life… Ugh!

Then to add a cherry on top of my not so glorious week yesterday, my first day of starting to feel a little more human again, my oldest son gets his brothers elbow to the face and BLAMO! His lip gets split in two.  Not just a little split but go to urgent care and get it stitched back together split.  Thankfully my awesome husband came home from work  to take him so I could remain home in my suffering, not to mention I had two wonderful girls over I was watching for my wonderful friend.

Well I survived all the madness and this morning I am feeling a lot better, still have sniffles and my ears are plugged but compared to two days ago I feel great.

I did receive my proofing copy of Have You Seen Harry?  It was an amazing feeling to be holding it in book form and not just looking at it saved as files on my computer.  It wasn’t 100% correct so it needs a wee bit of fixing and then it should be ready to go!  What a process this has been but it has all been worth it!

So my weekend will be filled with book editing stuff, wedding projects and hanging out with my family. I have another busy week coming up I will be baking 150 Alice in Wonderland theme cupcakes and a tospy turvy Alice in Wonderland cake for my baby sister’s wedding celebration!  Then we head out to Oregon for all the festivities! I can’t wait I need a vacation!

This is a screen we made to hide the beer kegs... The keg hose goes through the mouth!

This is a screen we made to hide the beer kegs… The keg hose goes through the mouth!

The wickets for the royal croquet game!

The wickets for the royal croquet game!

But what about the book, well it is looking like Have You Seen Harry? Will be ready to make its summer debut early in June!  I simply can’t wait!  We also have another surprise announcement to make… but Shh I can’t say what it is yet?  You’ll just have to come back and see what it could be 😉

One thing I am really looking forward to is focusing on one of my bigger book projects, Awakening and Magic Happens.  The hardest thing is trying to pick which book I want to work on first, my shadowy world of vampires or a soulful journey weaved within the elements of magic and love?  I have been running a little poll on my facebook page (my personal page) and so far magic is kicking vampire butt! But I’d love to hear from you out there too…  (Leans close to computer screen and wonders are you out there?)

Oh and of course I can’t forget to mention I am still busy working on some wonderful creations for our soon to Open Etsy shop!  I have a beautiful tarot card tray (kind of like a mini portable tarot card table), a handsome dragon table, and some other pretty cool stuff.

Okay well I’ve got to run, lots of time and so little to do… Wait, scratch that and reverse it!

Until next time, Enjoy your Happy!


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