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I’m Back!

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Can you believe here it is already June 18th!  Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how quickly time goes by…  So if you visit me here at my blog you know I have had a few projects going on, my sister’s Alice in Wonderland wedding party, publishing Have You Seen Harry and a few other little side projects.  Well it looks like most of the project list has been accomplished!

First my sister’s party was wonderful and whimsical! Here’s a peek at the pre-party set-up: 

A peek at the decorations!

A peek at the decorations!

It was such fun and my family and I enjoyed our 5 day escape to Oregon!

Another project I was working on was a graduation keepsake trinket box.  It was a Tinkerbell theme, the young lady looks like a living Tink!  It turned out so cute!  

Tinkerbell trinket box

Tinkerbell trinket box

And my last wood project was for my husband, a dragon plague for the office. 

A wood burning I did for my husband.... The Eastin Dragon!

A wood burning I did for my husband…. The Eastin Dragon!

 So now I am focusing on my tarot card serving tray (pictures to come soon).  That will be going up on our new Etsy Shop, I am hoping this weekend!  And I have a beautiful Dragon altar/table that will also be available to purchase and you guessed it pictures to come soon!

Now what about poor Harry?  Well with so many projects and a trip out of state we, my hubby and I, decided to wait till we were done with those projects and back home settled in.  This weekend is devoted to Harry and getting the formatting right!  So with a little faith, trust and pixie dust we are aiming for a July release!  I’ll keep you all posted as we progress with Harry and maybe we’ll be having a little giveaway to help celebrate?

So what’s on the hit list now with my writing?  I am not sure I have two awesome grown-up novels in the works but I feel my attention divided so I want to focus on just one… Maybe I should post a poll and you can tell me what story you’d like to see me working hard to bring to life for all of you!  Well the day is flying by and it’s time for me to get this day going!


Until next time, don’t let anyone take your happy!




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