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You’re Cordially Invited to My Pity Party…

Yes, you read that right my pity party.  I have for the past few days indulged in a terrific pity party, full of negative thoughts, depressing outlooks and just a gloomy bleak disposition.   So I am now inviting you to join me.


To be honest I am asking you not because I want someone to jump on the downward spiral with me, in fact quite the opposite…

I need to be reminded to get a grip, we all go through hard times and for me it’s time to pull up my big girl panties and know that a bad spot is not a forever spot to be in.  For those who do not know me out of the realm of blogosphere, I am a wee bit OCD, I crave control and I hate when my life goes off the tracks.  Over the years I have gotten better but needless to say if life problems could be Windexed away like the water spots I enjoy eradicating I would be one happy camper.

My summer plans of writing, reading and growing lovely green things was replaced with my husband’s loss of his job, uncertainty and feeling  inadequate as a wife, mother, friend and writer.  I know, this is where we shed some more tears and shake our fist to the sky and scream out,” WHY ME!”  Okay maybe not but I am sharing this to keep myself in check.

I have spent the last few days focusing on the bad and not the good.  So let’s peek at the good that has come out of my life’s rough patch.

  1.  My friend and soul sister has made me laugh, shared time with me and encouraged me when I didn’t want to be encouraged.  (Thank you Angel, you mean the world to me!)
  2. My husband and I finally started our woodcraft business instead of just talking about actually doing something.
  3.  I published Claudia’s Grave Tales; even though it is a small collection the stories are real and thought provoking.  They are not a “ghost” story in the typical sense and I am happy to be sharing them with you.
  4. Lastly, my family and I are together, healthy and safe in our little house full of love.  This one right here should be enough for me to smile and be completely and fully happy.

So today is a new day and I am sorry to say the “party” has ended.  Summer is coming to an end.  It is the time to begin to harvest the things of life that you have been working on, even with the proverbial “wheat field” of my life is barren there is always hope of next year’s bountiful harvest.

The Universe is wonderful; she hears and knows when we need a little help or acknowledgement that things are going to be okay, Lily Wight owner of The Arcade of Arts & Arcana Blog has presented me on my GraveOlogy writer’s blog the Inner Peace Award for Promoting Peace Throughout The Blogosphere.  So later today, over on the Grave I shall spread a little love to some other wonderful bloggers, who for whatever their reasons share with all of us in their own beautiful ways.

Presented to my author's blog GraveOlogy!

Presented to my author’s blog GraveOlogy!

On a craftier note, I have begun creating some new wonderful autumn themed woodcraft’s and I will be sharing more on them soon!

So thanks for coming to my party, I am glad no one got up on the table and danced naked with a lampshade on their head, or… Did they 😉

So until next time…

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,


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Chorizo Potato Tacos with fresh Pico and Savory Mexican Rice

My dinner was yummy yesterday… how was yours?

Cuisine By Robert

So yesterday I was sitting at my computer, the time about 10 am. I ask myself, “self, what do you want for dinner?” As I begin to ponder I ask my lovely wife who is sitting only a couple of feet from me what she would like for dinner. Consequently she was working at the time, and I really didnt get a response. This is normal when she is working on something. She gets kind of lost in her thoughts. So I begin to go through some of my food mags and recipes. I come across this “healthy” recipe for Soyrizo potato tacos. Hmmm… This sounds particularly disgusting with Soy based chorizo, but not with regular pork chorizo…lol. Again I question the wife, who was still somewhat involved in what she was doing if this sounds good for dinner… I get the “yeah sure honey”, and begin to make a…

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Thinking of Somebody…



By J.A. Eastin


A distant memory

Life taken for granted

 Now alone

Shadows stir

Reminds me of happier times

Laughter and moonlight

Secrets spoken

Emotions collide

We were broken



Together we were


A Light in the darkness

I turned away

For a moment

You were gone

I was alone

You haunt my dreams

A mirror shattered

A million pieces

I bleed


Tears fall

I grasp to hold on

Uncertainty swirls

Sorrows sweet embrace

Tragic endings

My lips to yours

The taste of death

My world spins

Your release

My bondage

I am still here


You’ve gone away

Dedicated to Madma_Butrfli

Frankie (McDaniel) Schug 1971 ~ 2003 


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Out Crafting…

Out Crafting

While we are away please visit this weeks blog post

Come on Monday… WHAT?!

My Ever Changing Mind…


Card Readings ~ Reveal Your Future 😉

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Come on Monday… WHAT?!

It’s Friday and I can’t wait for Monday…

Yes, you read that right Monday please hurry and get here!  Why you  are thinking?  If you visit us here on October Monday you know Robert was “let go” from his job with a wicked evil water company that shall not be named, over a month ago.  While he has had many phone interviews with many wonderful companies all over the country he has his first in-house, face to face interview with a local company on… Yup you guessed it Monday!  So here I sit with fingers, toes and eyes crossed!  We gladly will take good “New Career” vibes sent our way over the next few days!

What else is new here in my little world… Today was the first day of school for our baby girl.  She is a big 6th grader this year!  Wow haw times has flown by.  All my wee ones now either stand as tall as me or in the case of my oldest taller than me, Yikes!  It’s bitter sweet to think how big my kiddos of grown, but how awesome they have turned out.  

Now, let’s talk about my writing for just a moment.  I plan on moving all my writing over to my old blog GraveOlogy, just to keep the family blog/wood-crafts separate from my writing.  Some of you may know I have a few small writing projects going, we just released my collection of short stories from the Claudia’s Grave Tales series.  This is the first time they have ever been release all together, yay!  It is available in a few different formats and price points.

Claudia’s Grave Tales digital copy includes all 5 Original stories plus one never before released ~ Buy Now $1.99

Claudia’s Grave Tales Kindle Edition This edition includes all 5 Original stories plus one never before released, and all the stunning cemetery photography ~ Buy Now $4.99

Claudia’s Grave Tales hard copy includes all 5 Original stories plus one never before released, each story is  complemented with a bewitching cemetery photo to help bring these beautiful tales to life ~ Buy Now $19.99

If all goes well then a brand new set of Claudia’s Grave Tales will be released this winter, I am hoping to make them a quarterly series, with new stories released 4 times a year!  So grab your copy because Everyone has a story to tell, even after death… 

Now time for wood… I have been working on a one of a kind, 100% completely handcrafted gypsy inspired 5 card spread tarot card serving tray!  Robert built the tray from solid pine then he turned it loose to me.

Muh wha ha ha ha…

I designed what I call the Waning Butterfly Moon design, each symbol chosen for their strong meanings, each symbol was then added to the tray through pyrography and then hand painted, and believe me those little butterflies were boogers!  I went through the, “I hate it!” stage to the “I love it, how can I get rid of it,” stage.   It took an entire moon phase to complete and I am so pleased with it.  It is now the star piece in An October Monday Etsy shop!  I can’t wait to see it find it’s forever home, I am sure it will provide years of beauty to whoever it’s new owner will be… 

Waning Butterfly Moon, Gypsy Tarot Card Serving Tray ~ One of a kind piece by An October Monday

Waning Butterfly Moon, Gypsy Tarot Card Serving Tray ~ One of a kind piece by An October Monday

I have been busy lately getting my crafty on!  Last night I got 2 autumn plaques designed, a Happy Harvest and Harvest Blessing, and I have all kinds of cute little embellishments for these two cute harvest primitives!   I am also was able to get a whimsical froggies in bath design onto a plaque for a personalized special order!  Yes, we can create personalized items, you just have to ask!

 In fact, Robert has been asked to build a beautiful apothecary unit with little labeling drawers, this will  be created to special order for the wonderful owner of Dragonfairy in Stockton… It’s our favorite local shop to support!  If you are ever in the area (2119 Pacific Ave, Stockton) stop in and tell them Robert and Julie from An October Monday sent you!  They are the nicest people and the shop smells so good, you’ll leave feeling happy and re-energized!

Okay back to our wood-crafts…

I have around 10 new projects I am working on, one of them is a 3 card, smaller tarot card serving tray, with a Halloween theme. I call it Boo-tiful a Spirited Tarot Tray!  I am hoping to have it up in the next two weeks!  I have a few new kitchen witch primitives and Merry Yuletide creations too!   So keep an eye out for all the new wood creations!

With all that said it is time to go and get my day going!   Please hold my family in your thoughts as we are still in “Jobless Limbo,” with an uncertain future… And remember every purchase made goes to help my family and that means a lot to us right now.  It also means a lot to us to have you visit us here on the blog and at An October Monday Facebook page, so a huge heartfelt thank you from all the Eastin clan!

So until next time…

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,


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My Ever Changing Mind…

Please Visit GraveOlogy to follow my writing blog…


Greetings Beautiful Souls…

For those who follow GraveOlogy you may be wondering what is going on.  I know a few months ago I walked away from my beloved GraveOlogy for some very personal reasons.  But being that I am woman I believe it is fine and proper of me to change my mind and come home to GraveOlogy…

But there will be a few changes, GraveOlogy is my home for my writing and only my writing.  So I will share my publications, current projects and of course some poetry when the urge should wash over me.

For those of you who want a peek into my “normal” crafty life you can visit my blog October Monday where I share my wood crafts, diy stuff, and share the blog with my family and share our crazy life.  I will also provide a link to October Monday and from time to time…

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Card Readings ~ Reveal Your Future ;)

Okay maybe not, but I did foresee a beautiful, handcrafted, gypsy inspired, 5 card spread, one of a kind tarot card serving tray!  And here it is…

This is one of a kind artwork and the first of its kind, I should know I created it inspired by the Deviant Moon Tarot Card Table I created for my personal use.  I wanted more than just a tarot card cloth, although there are beautiful ones, I wanted something more.  So Robert crafted a beautiful table for me and I did all the artwork… It turned out gorgeous. 

2013-07-25 08.47.53 2013-07-25 08.49.41 2013-07-25 09.02.23

If you’d like to see more photos visit An October Monday’s Etsy Shop.

But my table got me thinking about creating something a wee more portable but just as beautiful and practical, and the Tarot Card Serving Tray idea was born!  It is my hope to create many tarot trays and tables, in many unique and whimsical designs!  I have even started on a Boo~tiful Halloween 3 Card Tarot Spread Tray, but more about that at another time.

So I’m done, finished, and complete and one proud creator of the Tarot Card Serving Tray!  Now I am excited to see who will be the new owner of this stunning one of a kind piece.

Okay time to go and get my crafty on, so until next time…

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,


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