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We Are Here! We Are Here!

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Have you ever felt like a Who, living in Whoville, whose tiny dust speck has drifted out of control?  Well that has been my life for the past two weeks or so… Hence no Julie here on the blog!

So this week I plan on sharing a lot, like how does a family of 5  deal with the only bread winner in the family (my hubby) being “let go” from his Investment owned water/beverage company career as maintenance manager?  Yeah, the reason… due to recent events we must let you go!  WHAT?!  He just got a merit raise and never once a verbal or written write up… Just goes to show BIG companies (especially investment group owned) really could care less about those who they have work 12 to 14 hours a day, 6 – 7 day work weeks.  Whew… but I’ll share more of this and how my family is making it through this difficult time. By the way, if you’re looking for an excellent Maintenance Manager with 15 plus years’ experience in the food/beverage industry shoot me a message at or or here on the blog! I’ll be sharing my hubby’s resume this week too!

Also, I have several new wood crafts that I am finishing up and will be going up for sale… Got to make some money for my family!  So those will be up here on the blog as well this week.

 Have You Seen Harry has run into a few formatting issues… Ugh!  But my super awesome loving friend is helping me out!  Thank you Angel I love you and I am so blessed to have you in my life!  So Harry will be out for purchase soon!  We are also working on another eBook project that I hope we can have ready soon!

So other than being without “real income” we are holding up pretty good here and the Eastin house.  We celebrated our oldest son’s 16th birthday on July 3rd, Happy Birthday Jake I love You!  Spent the 4th of July with one of the most awesome families we know (we love ya the other E family!) and yesterday we escaped all the BS of life down at the coast!  It was much needed and helped me to refocus.  Okay… so with all that out in the open it looks like we have a busy week ahead of us here on October Monday! 

So remember, don’t let anyone take your happy, even in the most difficult times you still have so much to be happy for!


Just a few reasons for my Happy!

Just a few reasons for my Happy!


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