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Oh My Goddess!

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This morning I want to take a few moments to recognize a woman who has a heart as vast as the universe, Queen Mother Ayla Mellani, Founding Mother and Director of Chrysalis Woman, an empowering, soul~journey sacred studies for women! 

A little back story, my family moved from Kansas in 2011 to North Central California, I felt very alone.  I did many online searches trying to find women’s groups that met near me; this is when I came across Chrysalis Woman.  As I read everything on the blog my soul leapt, I wanted to be part of this beautiful sacred circle of women… But there was a problem the circles had been put on hold.

I was completely and super BUMMED!

I signed up for email announcements as Ayla was busy creating new studies, chasing new dreams and creating a warm sacred space (both online and at the new Chrysalis Woman Farm), I joined her on Facebook and I watched and waited for the new studies to be ready. 

Fast forward to Spring 2013, Ayla posted an opportunity to share what it meant to you to receive a women’s Goddess Empowerment Study, the Goddess of the study Kore.  I knew I needed this, I knew I needed healing, to reconnect with my inner maiden, not just for me but for my daughter too.  So I wrote my heart out and posted on the Facebook post for it…

And guess what?  I was picked to receive this beautiful soulful study. It changed me in ways I did not expect and reconnected me to someone I missed more than I knew, my inner maiden.  It was because of this study that I created October Monday and really started to chase my dreams, I have a long way to go and so much to learn but I am grateful for this wonderful wild flower, Ayla Mellani and Chrysalis Woman.

I hope to one day be able to continue my studies with Chrysalis Woman, I would love to become a circle leader and touch the lives of women and I know when the time is right then things will happen. 

So please hop over on Facebook or to Chrysalis Woman the blog and see what magic Ayla has created!

Also, I will be sharing a bit more about how my family is dealing with the loss of my husband’s job (I’ll be sharing his resume too)… It helps to know that this situation is not forever and I believe things are changing for the better!

I have some wonderful new wood~crafts that I will be sharing too!  I am really excited about these so I hope you’ll come back and take a peek.   Maybe October Monday can create something magical for you…

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,


This is mine and Evie's sacred space for our Goddess Kore Study!

This is mine and Evie’s sacred space for our Goddess Kore Study!


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