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Kitchen Witchen, Etsy, Facebook, & UnEmployment… Wowzers!


Sorry I have been a quiet here on O.M, I, we, (my hubby and I) have been busy, busy, busy setting up An October Monday Etsy Shop!  It is now home to 15 wonderful, totally got my crafty on, items for sale!  Yay for me and my little misfit clan!  Robert created a wonderfully whimsical ~ Sorry to interrupt this program but we have a word abuse announcement ~ (whimsical is my word of the week, check out my Etsy shop and you’ll understand, time to pull out my thesaurus)…

Where were we?

Oh yes, Robert made a brand new banner for the shop and Facebook page!  How awesome is that?!

We have  put up for made to order the Witchen in the Kitchen Primitives I created for my own kitchen.  They are made to order and can be done with a green, orange or purple stain.  If you never seen my wickedly wonderful Witch Prim.s make sure to check out my Kitchen Witchen section here on the blog, visit An October Monday Facebook page or hop on over to our little Etsy shop An October Monday.

So, what else is brewing here at he Eastin’s?  Have You Seen Harry is off in the hands of an awesome and beautiful person (yes you Angel!) to be re-sized so we can move forward with our publishing.  Robert had a phone interview today with a very large company in Louisiana… What the heck right, the Eastin’s haven’t lived there yet… LOL Maybe we should have sign made,” Coming to a Town Near You… the Eastin Family!”  Okay maybe not! 😉

Tomorrow I plan on sharing a bit more of our Holy Cat Snot we are on unemployment in the overpriced land of California!  But honestly we have some pretty amazing friends and my baby sister and her wife rock!  They have and are there for us, my love to them all!

 Well folks, time to go eat some dinner and get working on a BEAUTIFUL Gypsy inspired tarot card table top tray!  Yup… this one’s for the shop!

Have a Blessed Night All and Remember…

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,


My New Etsy Banner! ♥

My New Etsy Banner! ♥

PS Make sure to visit us at:

An October Monday Etsy Shop

and Like Us at:

October Monday Facebook


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Witchen, Etsy, Facebook, & UnEmployment… Wowzers!

  1. Congrats!! Shop is amazing!!!

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