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Gypsy Tarot Card Serving Tray


Good morning, afternoon or night, depending on where you might be on this big blue planet!

Yesterday I shared Robert’s Resume and a bit about our families current situation, today I thought I’d share happier things… Like my current project.  A few months ago I made a gorgeous Deviant Moon Gypsy Tarot Card Table for myself.  It is absolutely lovely!  I had a lot of request to purchase the table, sorry folks I can’t sell that one I don’t own the rights to the art work, it strictly for my personal use.

 Now, now don’t get upset I can still make Gypsy Tarot Card Tables, or in this projects case a lovely 20 x 17 solid pine serving tray!  I decided to create a 5 card tarot spread tray for a few of reasons.

1. It’s portable – So all you card readers can take it with you!

2. We had the materials on hand to make it! 

3. It will be a more affordable price!  See that made you smile 😉

4. It is smaller and can fit into cute tiny little fortuneteller wagons… Okay maybe not gypsy wagons but little apartments!

There’s more but I’ll stop here, while I’m ahead…

So here’s a sneak peek:

I decided the little stars were too much... But don't worry it will have all kinds of whimsy to it!

I decided the little stars were too much… But don’t worry it will have all kinds of whimsy to it!

2013-07-11 19.48.28

The front has a beautiful triple moon, the sides have a crescent moon and there lovely embellishments will be added!


A bit about the design, I choose the Hamsa Hand for magical protection from the envious or evil eye, Hamsa also means five, for the fiver fingers and I thought would compliment the 5 card tarot spread nicely! The butterflies represent transformation, inspiration, and rebirth, and they hold a personal meaning to me (Love You Madam_Butrfli).  This tray is turning out to be more beautiful then I’d first thought and I can’t wait till it’s done!

With that said it’s time for me to get my butt in gear and get to work, unfortunately I don’t have magical paint brushed that can do the work for me 😉   I’ll pop back on here later I’m sure with some more of my ramblings… 

Oh yeah we are working on a little eBook surprise and a few other projects that have more to do with my writing so I’ll be sharing that soon too!

So until next time,

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,


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