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Hey You! Wanna Hook Up? Your Social Media or Mine ;)

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October Monday Blog, Facebook Page and Etsy Shop would Love to Network with you!  We would love to help promote, network, encourage, conspire and take over the world with other really groovy folks like you.

So if you are interested in having a link on our blog, likes on Facebook, favorite Etsy shop then let us know.  All we ask in return (is your soul muh wha ha ha, just foolin’) is you do the same for us!

If you’re feeling the love, leave a comment here on this page, shoot us an email @ , or hippity hoppity over to An October Monday Facebook and give us a like, we’ll like you back and not in some creepy way either 😉

Holy cat snot, don’t forget you can hear me tweet on Twitter now too… Not too sure about it but what the heck right!  So if you want a new Follower and I’m not talking a Joe Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe fanatic serial killer type of follower… Umm well, nah never mind, then just simply follow me and I’ll follow you back!  See isn’t that easy!

Well time to get back to work on the Gypsy Tarot Card Serving Tray!

Until next time,

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,


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 PS… Please No Creepers.  (shivers) 

PSS… Great cow jumping over the moon I forgot my Pinterest


One thought on “Hey You! Wanna Hook Up? Your Social Media or Mine ;)

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