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Busy Tired Day

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So in absence of my lovely wife doing her thing on here today and posting a wonderful blog.  I though I would just drop on to give you all a little insight into our day.

Since we moved into this house, oh about six months ago.  We have been planning to have a garage sale to get rid of all of the stuff we have accumulated over the last few years.  Well, much like the ditz brain that I can be at times, I decided to not prep anything and just throw everything all out there in hopes that it would just sell…  Yep, I put an ad up on the local craigslist, as well as a couple of signs up at the ends of the street.  Apparently, that wasn’t good enough!  See I am not a garage sale aficionado like my lovely wife…  To be quite honest, I cant stand them.  Used to be a day that the wife and I would be driving down the road and I would clearly see a garage sale sign and she would chime in “oooh there’s a garage sale!”.  I would non nonchalantly reply, “oh really, I didn’t see any sign…”, and of course keep on driving.  So needless to say, today was not much different.  With the exception being, I was on the other end.  So from 5:30am until 7am when we opened for business, we spent the time organizing, pricing, and getting to hear about how dingy I was for not prepping this stuff in advance.

All was not lost!  Thanks to the wonderful marketing efforts of my lovely wife, we managed to rake in well over $100 for all the stuff we had out there on the first day.  In reality, we dont have too much more to attempt to sell tomorrow.  But tomorrow being the last day on the ad, I will hump all of the crap back out there again in the morning.  But this time it will be in a bit more orderly fashion.  Otherwise I will have the “Garage Sale Police” on my butt again.  And no body needs that.

Well gang, thank you for taking the time to drop by the blog and read all the wonderful stuff my wife puts up here.  We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for folks like you, the readers.

I don’t know how my lovely wife closes these things…  But Blessing to you all!!!


Author: Robert Eastin

Robert Eastin is a composer and producer based in North Central Valley California. He has a passion for exploring soundscapes and atmospheric soundtracks, his style ranges from minimal ambient to contemporary scores.

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