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Gypsy, Jetta, Job Seeking, Networking Blog?!

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 Hello there, Julie here!  Last night it was really awesome to have my husband blog for the first time on O.M!  So if you missed it go check out his short but sweet blog post Busy Tired Day.

Yesterday was our garage sale, it’s still going on but I have managed to weasel out of helping under the guise of blogging and working on the Gypsy Tarot Card Serving Tray… Sneaky of me, yes? 

Well we didn’t sell everything, but we did make about $150. Let’s see if we can get rid of it all today, if not all our un-needed treasure will find their way to a local thrift store (one that actually does some good).  We are hoping that someone might want to buy our 91 VW Jetta, we’re asking $800.  Yes it runs, new tires, 5 speed, red with a sun roof!  It does need a little love and it leaks a bit of oil but in “car years” she’s like 60 right 😉 Just kidding but for the price this little red Jetta could make a great project! If you are interested in it feel free to contact us here on the blog or shoot us an email

91 Jetta for sale

91 Jetta for sale


The funds go to help our family during our employment transition period.  Ha ha “employment transition period” that’s my term for my family is screwed and jobless!   My husband is still looking for a great company to be part of, to learn more about it check out:

Maintenance Manger Desperately Seeking Susan?! No, That’s Not Quite It But…

Shout out to the Blog Industrial Training for sharing our blog post!

So how are we doing?  Well we are hanging tough, that’s how our clan rolls!  We are together, all of us are healthy and we know a great new adventure is in its beginning stages… It’s kind of the Eastin’s Lord of the Rings epic adventure except it would be titled Lord of the Resume… Okay that was a lame joke but hey, “My name is Julie and I’m addicted to lame.”  (The lighter’s soft glow illuminates my face)

Okay now I will share a bit about the Beautiful, Gorgeous, Absolutely Lovey, Gypsy Tarot Card Serving Tray!

I have been busy painting, and there are a lot of very fine tiny little things to paint, so I am not rushing the painting process.   If all goes well this beautiful one of a kind creation should be ready to go up on the shop… Or if you “know” this creation is meant for you, heck, let us know!   Well enjoy the photos, check out he wonderful little star bell for the tray!  There are some other wonderful little embellishments for it too, but you’ll have to check back to see the progress and the finished Gypsy Tarot Car Serving Tray!


Crescent Moon and Butterflies

Crescent Moon and Butterflies

Hamsa Hand

Hamsa Hand

Oooo... Looking Good!

Oooo… Looking Good!

Love the star bells!

Love the star bells!

Oh and if you’d like to support/network with O.M check out my post:

Hey You! Wanna Hook Up? Your Social Media or Mine 😉


Until next time,

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,







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