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A Little Practical Magic…


A little practical magic, who doesn’t need this in their life?   The past few weeks for me have been a roller coaster to say the least.   With Robert loss of work it has forced me and my entire family to look at life differently, what’s important, what is a “home”, is it a place, a city, neighborhood, or is it those you love?

Our ship is not sinking, nope; it is a float on a sea where one never knows what to expect.  Will we encounter sea monsters? Pirates? Or drift under the soft moonlight to the sweet song of the siren, beckoning us to a new adventure?

~ Attention Reader I am about to share a  Private Moment ~

Today while in our room getting our day started Robert shared with me how the past few days he began to question everything he did for his previous employer… Did he screw up, did he do something wrong… You know all the normal crap we beat ourselves up for when unforeseen B.S. happens. 

It hurt my heart to hear him say this, he has devoted his life to spending countless hours away from his family to provide for us.  I listened to his words and they sank into my heart, I know he was not “let go” because of anything he did, but do I think the universe had a hand in it?  Yup I sure do.

We puny mortals get stuck in our life “box” never truly stepping out.  We become complacent in our own life, leave our dreams behind buying into societies lies.  And then when the POOP hits the fan we fall to our knees (think Gieco flat tire commercial)  an yell, “MY LIFE HAS A FLAT TIRE!!!”



Then we wait for a miracle to come fix what we deem “broke” in our life.  Like something will just come fix it all for us and we can continue to do the same old, same old, stuck in the mindset of our old ways and habits… Sorry folks I believe we need a few curve balls in our life, we need to learn to grow, to step outside our boundaries, we need to take control of our life.

I believe that we (my little clan) have things that we were not doing in our life, gifts and talents being thrown to the way side of life, and I think that going through this has opened our eyes and we have begun dreaming in full Technicolor once more…

I have begun blogging more, creating more crafts, thinking of my stories and planning them out.  Robert has begun to realize it’s not about the title, the status or labels that society deems “good,” and hip… Hell we aren’t hip we are hippies!  I don’t think Robert is quite where I am at, ready to live off the grid, raise goats and see a car as nothing more than a tool to get you from point A to point B… But he’s getting there 😉

What does the future hold?  Who knows, I know one thing I have decided to not sit on the side lines waiting for a “miracle”, instead I am trusting in myself, my family, and our love to make practical magic happen for us. We are together and we have some pretty amazing people in our life who are there for us, what a blessing…

So here I sit today not know where my tomorrow will be, but that’s okay, I have my husband, my 3 kiddos and as long as we have each other we can get through anything.  Life’s an adventure, sometimes you have peaceful times and sometimes life has a flat tire but with a lot of love and a little practical magic who knows what the future holds…

Until Next Time,

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,







2 thoughts on “A Little Practical Magic…

  1. Sounds like you’ve got it just right! Good and joyous adventures and discoveries to you and the gang. I hold you in my heart!!

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