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Well if you have been following our blog at all, you would know that our family has been going through some interesting transitions.  We have been discussing for a while, what it is that we are going to do moving forward from our current situation.  It seems as if we have reached a decision.  There are a few irons in the fire as it were on the job hunt, and with any luck one of those will come through.  SOON!  So we will be packing it all up and traveling north.  Yes, that’s right, we are headed to Oregon.  This is a temporary situation, but affords us the opportunity to save some of the little bit of money that we have saved up, and not dump it into our rent.  Not to mention it puts us close to family that live there.

On a more crafty note.  I will be in my shop today working on getting some more things made for my lovely wife to doll up.  She is so good at what she does.  I just cant wait till you all can see her completed Tarot tray…

Well off for now, remember…  My wife is the wordsmith, not me.

Thanks for reading!


Author: Robert Eastin

Robert Eastin is a composer and producer based in North Central Valley California. He has a passion for exploring soundscapes and atmospheric soundtracks, his style ranges from minimal ambient to contemporary scores.

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