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So lately I have been busy blogging about the new Etsy Shop, wood crafts, life and just some plain old rambling… But wait my first love is writing, right?

 It sure the heck is!  But lately I have had very little time to spend focusing on writing; I share my office (does that make it our office?) with my husband.  And while I have loved having all this extra time together it makes an interesting mix of creative energy here in the “creative” space. 

But I thought I should share a little bit about what is going on with some of the writing projects, drum roll please…

First – Have You Seen Harry:  My lovable elephant Harry is still in the works, it’s done, complete, and finite.   So where the heck is it?  I decided to self-publish as this project was done with my wonderful little cousin Brittany Henson; she did all the wonderful artwork.  Well I am not so technically savvy and formatting has proven to be a pain in my butt.  But do not fear there is an awesome super-hero who has stepped up to lend a hand, Angel you are true to your name! I’d be lost in this strange computer~verse without you!  So for all of you waiting to read Have You Seen Harry to your wee ones, I promise it’s coming soon to an online store near you 😉

Written By Julie Eastin Illustrated By: Brittany Henson (Constantino)

Written By Julie Eastin Illustrated By: Brittany Henson (Constantino)

Second – Claudia’s Grave Tales… Yes we are working on bringing Claudia’s Grave Tales together in one publication!  We have some beautiful cemetery photography to complement each of Claudia’s stories but I am also toying with the idea of offering a free eBook of the stories, but Shh… It’s still in the works!  So if you have read Claudia’s Grave Tales or if you have yet to experience these beautifully crafted tales you’re in for a treat!

Claudia's Grave Tales ~ Waiting by J.A. Eastin

Claudia’s Grave Tales ~ Waiting by J.A. Eastin

Third – Poetry… I love poetry and over the past few years I have written over a 100 poems.  Now I find myself wondering should I offer a book of poetry.  What do you think?  Hells yeah go for it! Or… Poetry ewe what are you thinking?   

And now for my two bigger projects:

Awakening~ A passionate tale of a woman caught in the midst of betrayal, secrets and the shadowy world of vampires.  This dark moody novel has been sitting in my file-land almost complete for a few years… So what’s the deal, why have I not finished it?  Well I am very insecure and a vampire book leaves me wondering are people sick of the vampire?  I know I am sick of sparkly vampires they make no sense to me… I grew up on classic vampire movies and have always loved Anne Rice’s dark broody vampires.  I promise mine are more traditional then the bubble-gum fiction that is the new trend.  So what do you think?   Do I leave Awakening in its file-coffin because vampires are over-done pains in the neck?  Or what am I thinking, get it done the world needs the “Old Ones”, in all their dark, gothic beauty to come back!

Magic Happens – A heartfelt soulful journey weaved within the elements of magic and love.  This is my baby, one that I am excited to have growing inside of my mind and heart.  This is my story that allows the “little witch” that lives in all us women-folk to shine.  This is a good dose of love, magic, tears and laughter!  Magic Happens is in the works, and when life allows I will devote my time to finishing this heartfelt tale!

So there we have it an update on all the “write” stuff!  Remember you can always take a peek at My Featured Story, up for a free summer, A Midsummer Eve.  Or you can enjoy some poetry in the Poetry and Writing category link on the right side of the page!

Until Next Time,

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,


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