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Claudia’s Grave Tales eBook

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I am sharing my blog post from GraveOlogy my writing blog… 

I am so pleased to announce that my series Claudia’s Grave Tales which included: Waiting, Hope, Forgiveness, Tribute and Alone are now together in one publication with the new never before released tale Acceptance. Come wander through the cemetery and view life and death through the eyes of Claudia. Experience ghost stories like you never have before, one’s that leave you wondering what you would regret if you were to die today…

Claudia's Grave Tales

Claudia’s Grave Tales by J.A. Eastin

These wonderfully inspired stories were first published in 2006-2007 in 3 different installments of Twisted Dreams Magazine… Now all five previously published are together in one eBook with a new sixth story Acceptance.  So settle in with your eReader and grab a copy of Claudia’s Grave Tales… 

This is a collection of short stories and not a novel.  We have more to come for Claudia’s Grave Tales, a beautiful  book with bewitching cemetery photo’s to compliment each story.  So if you love ghost stories and cemeteries then come wander among the stones with Claudia as she shares her Grave Tales…


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