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Shall We Wander…


One of my favorite places to wander on any particular afternoon is in a long forgotten cemetery.  I love to spend time at grave-sites,  to be still and listen to the headstone speak.  I find my thoughts drifting thinking what their life must have been… Who were they, were they loved, hated, happy or sad?   Sometimes a small trinket left at the grave tells a story of a child missed, a wife’s devotion, or a husbands sorrow.  Each grave precious to me, each story whether in my imagination or not, is a story to be shared, one with lessons calling out to us, if only we could hear them speak from beyond the grave…

It was my cemetery visits that brought forth the concept of Claudia’s Grave Tales, although Claudia herself was birthed from a small piece of flash fiction I wrote for a class project, titled Waiting. Claudia herself is one of my favorite creations, she haunts my thoughts often and her gentle soul is something I strive to find within myself.

So to honor Claudia’s Grave Tales I thought I would share a poem I wrote in 2011 titled Immortal unto Death


Frozen in time, words speak without sound

Angels weep for souls lost

Tears like raindrops fall evermore


A figure sculpted in pain in sorrow

A sweet reminder in time of morrow

Cherub’s wings stretched out to shelter


Immortal unto death

Life is shattered


Names without faces stand till eternity’s end

Forgotten places where few tread

Moon light dances ghostly silhouette 


A good shepherd’s watchful eye does keep

Youth to elder, elder to youth

The earth claims us all, no repose in this sleep


Immortal unto death

Life is shattered


Memories of life the cusp of goodbyes

Emptiness a promise on a last breath

Fate a mistress to all, destiny held by silvery threads


Immortal unto death

Life is shattered


Hallowed ground, to bring peace

Etch a name in stone deep

A sweet eulogy, a ballad of life


Now immortal unto death

Headstone monument of…

Life shattered


 ©2011 J.A. Eastin

A small forgotten cemetery photo taken by Hope Boehling, my beautiful niece ♥

A small forgotten cemetery photo taken by Hope Boehling, my beautiful niece ♥


2 thoughts on “Shall We Wander…

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    I love my wifes poetry… I often wonder how some of these would sound to song.

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    Where do you like to wander…

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