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Not Your Typical Ghost Story ~ Claudia’s Grave Tales

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J.A, Eastin’s GraveOlogy, home for all my writing adventures…


Hello Beautiful Souls,

Yesterday I was on here sharing the digital release of my collection of short stories Claudia’s Grave Tales available for the first time ever in a single publication!  This includes the 5 original stories and one never before released.  The digital copy is $1.99 but today I am excited to announce if you’re like me and just have to hold a book in your hand we have a stunning hard copy. Each story is complemented with a bewitching cemetery photo to help bring these beautiful tales to life; the hard copy is $19.95.

I cannot express how excited I am to see Claudia’s Grave Tales all together in one book… I have another secret to share…  It is my hope to release a whole new set of Claudia’s Grave Tales quarterly.   Yes, that’s right a Claudia’s Grave Tales the series, every few months a new edition with…

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