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The elusive first sale…

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The other day we as a family embarked on a journey.  A journey of launching a family run, home built business.  We put it out to all of our family, friends, and internet acquaintances what we were doing and where we were hoping to take it.  Now here we are a few days later, the news has spread over the WWW, and not yet have we hit that elusive first sale.  To add to this, my amazing wife has released her first self published book of short stories, Claudia’s Grave Tales.  This too was broadcast over the internet.  Family, friends, and other wise internet people have all chimed in as either liking, or sharing the fact that this has been released.  Now I know that I should be patient, let the shop just happen and become what it should be.  But I am not a patient person!  I know that at some point this will all take off because of the heart and soul that is behind the product we are putting out.  But for the time being, I remain utterly impatient…


Author: Robert Eastin

Robert Eastin is a composer and producer based in North Central Valley California. He has a passion for exploring soundscapes and atmospheric soundtracks, his style ranges from minimal ambient to contemporary scores.

One thought on “The elusive first sale…

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