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Shall We Call It…

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I am so excited about October Monday’s first Tarot Card Serving Tray!  Tomorrow  I will be finishing up what I have officially named the  Waning Butterfly Moon, Gypsy Tarot Card Serving Tray!  It has turned out better than I though, the deep purple and black make all the vibrant colors stand off the tray.  Each symbol was picked to aid in protection and guidance, for you tarot card readers.  I have wonderful little star bells and tassels I made from ribbon to attach with vintage looking buttons!  Here is yet another peek at the tray:

Waning Butterfly Moon Gypsy Tarot Card Tray ~ An October Monday Original Creation

Waning Butterfly Moon Gypsy Tarot Card Tray ~ An October Monday Original Creation ©2013

So what is my next project?  I have few… I am currently also creating a anniversary gift for the awesome Angel and her husband Bill of the other E. Family… But shh ,don’t let the cat out of the bag 😉

Another project is a personalized whimsical frog plaque… It’s so cute I can’t wait to share it.  

I have a whole slew autumn and winter creations to make, they are going to be so stinking cute!  But the piece I am really excited to be starting is a new October Monday Original Halloween inspired 3 Card Spread Serving Tray!  It will be Boo~tiful!  It will be smaller than the Waning Butterfly Moon Gypsy Tray for easy storage when it is not the Halloween season.  I am so excited about my tarot card trays and  have many more to come.  If you are interested in a tarot card tray or table we’d love to hear from you!

Oh and I  heard a rumor that we may be giving away one of our creations for free… Yup you read that right FREE.  But it’s still in the works so keep your eyes open for our giveaway.

Let me see what else is new in the woods (working)… I am hoping Robert will build me another full size table for a Tarot Card Table project… Thinking Celtic Cross Spread or the 7 Card Horseshoe.  Let me know what you’d like to see and remember we can always create custom tarot card trays and tables!  

Well time to go get my crafty on, so until next time…

Hold on to your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and live in Love,


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