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Writers Block… UGH!!!

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Writer’s block sucks big time… But I’m glad my husband is working through it!

Hollow Music Productions

As previously mentioned.  I did find myself in the studio the other day working on some new music. I managed to come up with something that sounded quite nice and as I started piecing it all together started to form into a decent intro and verse.  This is where the wall jumped up and I ran smack dab into it.

This is where being a solo artist becomes turbulent.  In a group environment, there would be other musicians to bounce ideas off of.  Different styles and imaginations to say, “hey try this”…

I actually stopped what I was doing and put the song on hold for a day.  Thinking that walking away from it for a while and coming back could give me a fresh approach.  As I was trying to come up with something, I just found myself trying to “force” the song to be, as it were.  I…

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