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My Ever Changing Mind…

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Greetings Beautiful Souls…

For those who follow GraveOlogy you may be wondering what is going on.  I know a few months ago I walked away from my beloved GraveOlogy for some very personal reasons.  But being that I am woman I believe it is fine and proper of me to change my mind and come home to GraveOlogy…

But there will be a few changes, GraveOlogy is my home for my writing and only my writing.  So I will share my publications, current projects and of course some poetry when the urge should wash over me.

For those of you who want a peek into my “normal” crafty life you can visit my blog October Monday where I share my wood crafts, diy stuff, and share the blog with my family and share our crazy life.  I will also provide a link to October Monday and from time to time…

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