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Chorizo Potato Tacos with fresh Pico and Savory Mexican Rice

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My dinner was yummy yesterday… how was yours?

Cuisine By Robert

So yesterday I was sitting at my computer, the time about 10 am. I ask myself, “self, what do you want for dinner?” As I begin to ponder I ask my lovely wife who is sitting only a couple of feet from me what she would like for dinner. Consequently she was working at the time, and I really didnt get a response. This is normal when she is working on something. She gets kind of lost in her thoughts. So I begin to go through some of my food mags and recipes. I come across this “healthy” recipe for Soyrizo potato tacos. Hmmm… This sounds particularly disgusting with Soy based chorizo, but not with regular pork chorizo…lol. Again I question the wife, who was still somewhat involved in what she was doing if this sounds good for dinner… I get the “yeah sure honey”, and begin to make a…

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