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Artist Review (Rising Appalachia-Filthy Dirty South)

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For the past 20 years I have loved music with the soulful sounds of American Folk and Bluegrass. I would even get a few eye rolls on cross country trips with my husband when I would pop in some 1960’s Folk music. I am so proud after many years of conditioning by me 🙂 He has come across the band Rising Appalachia (and loved it) an their Fusion Folk that does more than please the ear… It makes you think! Thanks for sharing this Robert!

Hollow Music Productions

About a month ago I was trolling around on YouTube looking for, well… nothing really.  I was just checking music out from various artists.  I don’t really know how I came across this amazing group, but I consider myself all the better for having done so.  I happened across the video for the song Stand Up.

Needless to say, I was utterly blow away.  At a time in my life where I am questioning my own impact on this planet, this song just hit me like a tone of bricks!  This song comes across with such a soulful activism that will completely stir you from the inside.  But this song is not the main goal of this blog, just the one that put the amazing act Rising Appalachia on the map for me, and prompted me to purchase the album, Filthy Dirty South.

Filthy Dirty South is a soulful, jazzy…

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