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A Big Busy 2014 Full Steam Ahead!

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Happy Monday Wood Sprites!

Are you thinking of what you will create this week?  I  sure am!  I spent my weekend crafting away and dreaming up some new things.  So today I will share a bit about what’s been going on and what some plans for 2014 are!  

So here we go…

For those who have been with O.M since it’s creation you know we started out in central California and shortly after my family relocated to Ohio.  This really took a big bite out of getting my wee little wood craft business going. Once moved and starting to settle in my husband got ill and was hospitalized, not once but twice!  This really put things on hold for me.  But things are doing much better at the moment (frantically knocks on wood).  So I have been crafting away and I am hoping to be re-opening the Etsy shop with in the next week or two.  Are your fingers crossed?  Mine are 😉

Having this down time has allowed me to think about what An October Monday will create and sell.  I began to think maybe I should create more mainstream items, but this left me feeling like I would be cheating myself, I mean the reason for doing this is to create things I love…  So what am I planning on creating?  Here’s a peek:

Tarot Card Tables and Trays!

Waning Butterfly Moon, Gypsy Tarot Card Serving Tray ~ One of a kind piece by An October Monday

Waning Butterfly Moon, Gypsy Tarot Card Serving Tray ~ One of a kind piece by An October Monday

Top view... Art work was burned on then hand painted.

My personal tarot card table… I’d love to create one for you!









Kitchen Witch Primitives!

Witchen in the Kitchen

A few of our Kitchen Witch Primitives










A few new Kitchen Witch Items

new items

Our newest items: A whimsical Magical Cookie Bread Board and Moonlight Mixer Kitchen Wands (they can be personalized!)







A new line of the Witches Apothecary items

Apothecary canisters

Vintage style Apothecary Canister Set








Gypsy Art


Beautiful little Magick Happens plaque!


Vintage Style Palm Reading Sign!



Dragon/medieval themed items too, oh and let’s not forget tables and altars! 


Monogrammed Dragon Plaque

2013-07-09 01.20.14

Dragon Protection Altar Table

2013-07-19 08.59.18

Tree of Life Table.








I will also be creating one more new line Re-purposed for a Purpose.  I will be adding photos of some items soon!  All the items will be created by re-purposing something, from an old can to a salvaged table, not only is it good for Mother Earth it will help me put my kids in summer camp.  I have 3 awesome children and they all have great big huge plans for their future and I want to help them achieve their dreams!  So all the profits from these crafts will go toward helping them go to film camp (for my budding producer), eco-ambassador  camp (for my little nature girl) and earth conservation program(for my future protector of the earth).  They make me so proud!

So you can see I have some big plans for 2014.  I would also love to start selling at festivals and fairs and I am hoping to connect with good folks who might like to network with An October Monday or at least might be interested in having us at their festival!  So if you are in the Ohio area (festivals) please feel free to contact me!  And as always if you see anything you would like here on An October Monday we are always open to orders.  We’d love to create something magickal for you!  

So until next week,

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,


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