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Monday, Monday…

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Greetings WoodSprites!

 Here it is another fine winter Monday and we are in the grip of another round of (drum roll please…) the Winter Vortex!  The kids are off to school and Robert is back to work and here I am starting my week off here on the blog!

Over the weekend I finished up two new items for the An October Monday Etsy Shop and if all goes well I should have all the new items up in the shop today!  Crossing my fingers, toes and eyes… Okay not my eyes or I would not be able to type  😛

Would you like a peek at the two new items? 

Okay here you go…


An October Monday’s Ances~Tree Photo Cube/Box


An October Monday’s Ances~Tree Photo Cube/Box


Moondance a beautiful trinket/tarot box. Great for storing your magickal items in!

Today I will be working on 5 new Moonlight Mixer Kitchen Wands!  As soon as they are finished I will post some photos!  I just love these cute little wands, such fun for any kitchen witch! ♥

Next on my project list after the wands, hmm… I am still thinking on it.  I have two blank plaques that I am dreaming up designs for.  Should I do apothecary sign?  A witch prim?  Vintage gypsy art or tarot?  Oh my I just don’t know what to do!  But I am sure a creative idea will plant itself in my mind soon.

I am planning on re-doing my old wooden butcher block in my kitchen.  It’s a bit old and really could use a new look. So I will be doing some whimsical kitchen witch art on it!  I am hoping to start this week and as always photos to come once I am done.  I was toying with the idea of doing video for the makeover project, but eh how knows.

Awhile back I was going to blog about my bathroom art I created… So here you go a bit about my Sailors & Siren wood crafts.

 Most of my art is Sailor Jerry, I love his cheeky mermaids and sailor art.  These items are not for sale, they were strictly created for my personal decoration at home.  When you are a one income family, trying to start a wood craft business it helps to create art for your home for pennies.  The art work is mostly tattoo art.

But why Sailors and Sirens?  Robert once upon a time was a Navy man, my own sailor and we lived in Huntington Beach California.  We loved to take off and drive up the coast and on one adventure we came across an old sign hanging on a tree near a stream inlet to the ocean that simply read, “She sleeps at the bottom of the sea.”  We loved this sign, hanging out there in nature, for who or why we don’t know but it sort of became our relationship trademark.  This was the inspiration for one of the pieces I did for our bathroom and… I am actually thinking of selling woodcrafts with the artwork! 

Okay so enough talk on with the pictures!


Not a Sailor Jerry design but I still loved it!


Cute little Drunken Mermaid Tavern sign… Sailor Beware!


Sailor Jerry Art. This is not for sale, personal use only.


Sailor Jerry Art. This is not for sale, personal use only.


Sailor Jerry Art. This is not for sale, personal use only.


Sailor Jerry Art. This is not for sale, personal use only.


Sailor Jerry Art. This is not for sale, personal use only.


Here are two pictures of “She sleeps at the bottom of the sea” one right after the wood burning and the second finished.  I used a technique using vinegar to age the wood, sorry the picture of the finished plaque is not so good, bad lighting I think, but it is so beautiful in real life. 

She sleeps at the bottom of the sea

Just after wood burning


Aged with vinegar – finished plaque


So to date I have pretty much made all my kitchen art work and now my bathroom art work.  You can check out the kitchen art work in Witchen in the Kitchen!

I am also toying with the idea of An October Monday banner makeover?  What do you think?  I am thinking something more vintage and whimsical.  We shall see I guess. 



Okay WoodSprites the day marches on and I have a To-Do list to knock out! 

May you have a Happy Monday and a Blessed Week!

 Until next Monday,

Stay warm, Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,


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