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I Never Existed


I Never Existed

By: Julie A. Eastin

Words spoke

Fall flat

Become vapor in the air

You sit smug

Sure of yourself

If only you knew…

The pain inflicted

The hurt so deep

I gasp…

Try to draw a breath

Under water

I see a light above

My hand outstretched

If only

The surface I could break

Struggle sets in


I try to be…

What you need

I lost myself

I am is gone

A reflection of a girl

Who never was


I was never meant to be

I am ghost

A Dream stolen

Captured by those who stole my laughter

Those who took

All that shimmered


Graveyard dust

I no longer exist.


Eyes of Sorrow by Evilyyn


3 thoughts on “I Never Existed

  1. Awesome poem! I especially like the part “if only you knew the pain inflicted…” I often feel like people are completely unaware when they say something that really hurts me. Its strange to think of, how something can bother you so much and mean nothing to someone else…

    • RosesareCool,

      Thanks for taking the time to read I Never Existed… Yes, sadly as human we are all capable of feeling the pain from people when they are careless with the words or actions they choose. On the flip side of the coin this is exactly what makes being human so great, to feel raw emotion, pain, anger, love and happiness. All these beautiful emotions help to transform us, we draw from them to create poems, art, song and so much more.

      Again thank you, your words made me smile ♥ Wishing you a Magical Life.

      Julie 😉

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