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Hump Day & Happy Dance!

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Hello all you beautiful magical creatures!  Hope you are surviving the week and feel a sense of relief that you have made it halfway through it.  Yes, the weekend is almost here!  But that’s not why I’m doing a happy dance…

Why am I doing a happy dance you ask?

Because I don’t have to change my name for the new shop!!!  It was very odd, as if by magic 😉 I tried An October Monday one more time and presto it worked!  I am so excited and now can get back on track to open my new shop with all kinds of groovy things.

I will also be doing some small tweaks here on the blog and you may have noticed that the Facebook Page and Etsy Shop have new banners with my new logo.  If you haven’t visited the other sites here’s a peek at the new logo.



Remember her, she was my original witch for An October Monday… She has been with me for a year now and I felt she deserves to stick around!   

Also, I have a few items up in the Etsy Shop, please pop over and take a look.  If you haven’t liked us on Facebook hop on over and show us a little love… We’ll love ya back ♥

Boy how time flies, so I must be off, I have lots of things to get done!

Until next time,

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,


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An October Monday Facebook Page

Oh and yes we are on Pinterest too!

An October Monday Pinterest

And another link Coming Soon!!!


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