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Oh Monday, Monday…

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Merry Monday WoodSprites!

Just a quick post today, have lots to do.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 

Last week was very emotional for us.  We gathered with family (which was long overdue) to honor Robert’s sister Becky.  It was bittersweet to come together with family to say goodbye to someone we all love so dearly.  It made me realize we need to cherish all those we love everyday, we never know who much time we have with them.

Our wee clan made it home Friday evening and we spent a lovely night gathered around our kitchen table sharing stories of life and all the things we love.  Evie had some wish paper and her daddy and her wrote messages to Becky and sent them to the heavens… It was a beautiful moment shared between the two of them.

Saturday night Robert an I went to our first local event, the Earth Warriors Spring Bash.  We were able to just let the daily grind of life go away for a few hours.  We met a few wonderful folks and got to listen to a great band Roger Drawdy and the Firestarters.  We had a great night and it was very much needed.

Robert and I were able to put together a few items for the event’ silent auction to help raise money for the Earth Warriors Festival coming up in September.  Here’s a peek at what we donated.

Stag altar

A Stag Altar & two Kitchen Magic Baskets.


stag side

Cernunnos on each side

stag close

Stag Altar

pan spoon

Playful Pan, Moonlight Mixer Kitchen Wand


pan spoon front

Front side

maiden spoon front

Front side of Maiden Moonlight Mixer

maiden spoon

Maiden Moonlight Mixer

repurposed bottle

Re-Purposed Bottle for holding magical tinctures and such!


We had a more masculine bottle made for the Pan basket but for some reason I must have not snapped a picture.  Each basket also had a rustic little wooden star candle holder and candle.  I wish I would have had more time to put into the baskets but there is always next year 😉

This week I am working on a few new wood-crafts!   I am hoping to have them done by Wednesday and of course I will share pictures here!  I will also be adding more items at An October Monday Zazzle Shop!  I have a Viking tee shirt design I created for my oldest son!  So if you’re looking for some unique tee’s for the summer festivals head on over and check our shop!  And as always you can find all our wood-crafts at An October Monday Etsy Shop!  

Well time to fly, have much to do on the magical Monday, may magic fill your day too!

Until next time,

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,


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