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Happy 1 Year Anniversary An October Monday Blog!

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Happy Friday WoodSprites!

We did it we made it through another week!  Not only did I make it through the week I made it a whole year!  Today is the 1 Year Anniversary for An October Monday Blog!  And what a year it has been!

The past year has brought many changes in my life. We started our Etsy Shop. We opened a Zazzle Shop. We moved from California to Ohio.  We lost loved ones.  We faced illness. We have made new friends… And we have grown through it all.  A Big Heart Felt Thank You to those who have visited us through the past year… What a long strange trip it’s been! (to borrow from the Grateful Dead ♥)

I am also happy to announce we have two new items up in the Etsy Shop… Here’s a peek:

Witches' Front Porch Rules

Salem's Original Moon Pies

We also have some very cool new items up in our Zazzle Shop!  Beltane tee’s, Kitchen Witch tea pot and candy jar with the Salem’s Original Moon Pies design, some items for wee witches and more!  If you haven’t checked it out hop on over and do!

Our little Facebook Page is slowly growing, we are at 75 likes but I know there’s a lot more Likes to come!  Once we hit 100 we are going to have a, We hit 100 WooHoo Giveaway!  But we’d like to hear from you… What should we giveaway?  

I have lot’s more designs to get up on the Zazzle Shop and more witch primitives to get done, so I will be a busy witch crafting away over the next few weeks!  And as always I will post pictures and info here when things are up in the shops.

I would have had a few more crafty creations ready for the Etsy Shop but I created a few witch primitives for my front porch… Warm weather is coming and I need to make my magickal hangout for star gazing!  Here’s a look at my new porch primitives:

Witches Welcome

Witches Welcome

New Etsy Items april4 2014 028

Witches Gather Here ♥

They are not out on the porch just yet… Still waiting for it to warm up a wee bit more but I can’t wait to get my porch done up!  

So let’s review… It’s our 1 Year Anniversary!  Way to go An October Monday!  New items up in the Etsy Shop and the Zazzle Shop!  We’re growing our Facebook Page and planning a, We hit 100 WooHoo Giveaway! Come on over to An October Monday Facebook Page and give us a like, we promise to like you back!

We have lot’s of things in the fire, so keep an eye out for new items and remember we do custom work!  

And as always,

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,


Visit Us At

An October Monday Etsy Shop ~ Home of our handcrafted wood items.

An October Monday Zazzle Shop ~ home of our Tee’s, Totes and more!

An October Monday Facebook Page ~ Our Facebook Hangout!

Oh and yes we are on Pinterest too!

An October Monday Pinterest ~ Oh our pretty pictures 😉




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