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Memories of Little Girls…

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For my Dad…


Memories of Little Girls

By: Julie A. Eastin


Today spins

Emotions uncontrolled

Memories of little girls

A happy lie

You walked away

You turned your back

Pills and alcohol

We weren’t enough

To give you hope

You left… 

Memories of little girls

Where the hell did you go?

All I wanted…

Was to make you happy

Guess that never happened

You never looked back

My sisters and me


More than a memory

You shut the door

Long before I moved on

I lived my days wondering

What did I do?

How can I be better?

But you never noticed…

Not me.

Not my sisters.

You just went on

Like we never were

Something or someone

Best forgotten


Little girls

You just went on

Today I am letting go

Time for goodbye

I can’t carry your memory

I won’t make excuses

I know all too well

The meaning of love

I would never turn my back

On those I love

Tonight the feelings hurt

The memories linger

But I’m letting go

Saying goodbye…

Memories of little girls


Ma and my sisters


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