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Happy Tuesday WoodSprites!

Sorry I did not blog yesterday I was a wee bit out of sorts with my allergies.  Not to mention  it was a gloomy rainy day and rainy day’s and Mondays “sometimes” get me down… But today the sun is shinning, it’s beautiful and so are you…

Okay I’ll quit with the throw back to old song lyrics now 😉

So today is really kind of exciting, this evening I am off to see The Adam’s Family, A New Musical Comedy!  This is my very first grown-up play… What a sheltered life I live. I did see Seussical with my son’s 5th grade class once… Does that count?  Anyhow I will try to blog tomorrow about my Adam’s Family adventure!

But what else have I been up to?  Quite a bit really.  Over the weekend we worked out in our yard.  We had a crafty streak and made mason jar tikki lamps for the backyard.  Dug our fire-pit, cleaned up a whole lot of fallen branches, had friends over and watched the season premiere of Game of Throne, of course!


3 of our Mason Jar Tikki Lamps

Yesterday I worked on a new Apothecary wood primitive sign, I should have it pretty much finished up this afternoon, and then I will be adding it to our Etsy Shop.


An October Monday Apothecary Sign


The Zazzle shop is growing and I added a wonderful farmhouse style kitchen witch pitcher today, Lizzie’s Juice Jamboree.  Also, select items are all 15% off today only in the Zazzle Shop!  So I hope you’ll pop in a check out all our crafty items.  I am adding stuff almost daily!


Lizzie’s Juice Jamboree Farmhouse Pitcher

And drum roll please…

We hit 80 likes on our Facebook Page!  Thanks for those brave enough to click the like button!  This also means we are a little closer to our,  We hit 100 WooHoo Giveaway!  I still haven’t heard any feedback on what the giveaway should be (taps on computer screen and wonders are you out there?).  So I was thinking maybe we’d giveaway a gift certificate to one of our shops… what do ya think?

Well Sprites the day is burning and I have lots to do today, so I’m off.

 Until next time,

Hold on to Your Happy, Laugh till it hurts and Live in Love,


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